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    Foam Sword, Blizz style (Pic heavy!!)

    HUZZAH! PAINT PHASE! Got some black primer slapped on thar, tomorrow I'm gonna paint the bejeezus out of it and ad some stuff to the hilt/crystals. Should be a fun bout with the good 'ol Exacto and some foam.
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    Project All Is Dust

    This is looking really great! I rather like those alternate helmets you made, the Anubis-esque one especially. The Bolter (right gun right? I haven't brushed up on my 40k weapons) is really nice, what'd you use for it? Looks like foooam?
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    Foam Sword, Blizz style (Pic heavy!!)

    Did more bondo/sanding today, tomorrow after class I'm going to do my last bit of sanding, then doing primer so I can start painting. I'd love to fill in more gaps and get a really smooth finish, but I don't have the time! It's like... a rock-hewn blade anyway, so I can totally say it has...
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    Foam Sword, Blizz style (Pic heavy!!)

    Thanks guys, would've had s'more updates today but we had a ridiculous storm blow through. Lightning and all that good stuff, hopefully tomorrow'll be clear so I can get this finished up!
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    Foam Sword, Blizz style (Pic heavy!!)

    Greetings! I'm Lauren and my last attempt at prop making was some Ghost Armor from Starcraft 2. I made a bracer and stopped because I was in way over my head. This is something more manageable. Namely, a giant World of Warcraft sword. I saw on the WoW website that they were having a...
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    Pepakura Requests

    Item: Ghost Goggles Source: Starcraft 2 References: Bunch of screenies I took :D Thanks in advance... now back to trying to eyeball it with clay D:
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    Starcraft Ghost

    Yeah a pep file would be aweeesommmmeee. I've got this old pair of swimming goggles I'm gonna mess around with, see what I can do with them... after I finish sanding my gauntlet and maybe messing around with casting, since I've yet to do that... ever...
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    Starcraft Ghost

    Hey y'all. Noobtastic armornoob here with a project! I'm gonna do a female Ghost from SC2. Today I went out and bought some stuff from the little ace hardware/craft store here on the craft-unfriendly island of Kauai. List is as follows: Green Floral Foam DAS Modelling Clay Hot Glue Foamies...
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    Gundam Deathscythe Ver Ka. (Cardboard)

    Heyyy looks good so far! I love me some gundam cosplay and this looks pretty nice, I'll be watching for sure.
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    Warhammer Striking Scorpion ~ by Chwbcc

    Oho this is excellent, I've been lookin' for some Eldar Pep files. Looks great, gonna start puttin' one together today :D