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    LED Covers

    that does look good. on the helm i am making i had a idea. gonna use a soda bottle. cut it into a stopsign shape persa. and then cut n fold it and use just a Little! superglue on it to make it look like the one in the pep file. and for led im just gonna use what ever led i can find here...
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    next time i am gonna make more bracings for it. ty for the tip tho

    next time i am gonna make more bracings for it. ty for the tip tho
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    Warthog side Project

    being one who has both nitro and electric cars and trucks. the more power part isnt true. my electric beats the nitro off the line and up to like 30. elec tops out and the gas just keeps climbing. car wise nitro is all around quicker(for the 3 nitro cars 2 trucks and 2 trucks and 1 el car i...
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    remake # 3...

    if it was 100% cemetrical i would... when i get done i hope it will be... its my 3rd helm and is alot better then the first one(i have made more then 3 but sizing n whatnot never finished...
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    remake # 3...

    i have made 2 suits now. the last one was about 1/2 inch to small on every piece. making every piece rip after long usage. i am remaking every piece again. i just got done rondoing the helm.i have alot of pictures in my photobucket(when they load...) and will post a link to it here. has all my...
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    i make mine with a oven and some trial and error...
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    How many completed halo costumes on the 405th?

    well heres my 2... both were straped with just shoe strings. both lit up and had fans. making new pieces for my 2nd one. srry dont know what the counts at...
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    My Pep is falling apart, advice please.

    i made a entire suit using 10c glue sticks. they worked fine for my first attempt. my 2nd suit half was gluesticks and then i moved up in the workd to a hot glue gun. and SO much easyer after a lil practice... just get a cheap one at wally world there 2 bucks and a pack of 100 sticks is...
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    Unfolder needed

    is unfolding just making it so no edges overlap?
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    Helmet lights

    i used advance auto flash light(2 bucks for 9 bulbs.) and it had a battery holder.
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    Noob in need of help. Please.

    i keep it on my phone. so i can print from anywere... use to keep it on my thumb drive.
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    First Build. Mk VI WIP

    my first suit was with numbers on LD. my second HD suit was mostly no numbers. i couldnt see the folds either... and it is makes it go faster without them. for me anyways. Nice folding. how long did the chest take? it took me for ever.(4 days but due to working 60+hours a week)
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    i moved up from glue sticks to hot glue. my first hotglue attempt SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but after some practice with it and remaking a few pieces... i am getting good with it. with practice u would get good with it to. and its cheap. 6 bucks = 100 sticks + the glue gun at walmart. i...
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    Why do YOU build armor?

    i started building armor for the most retarted reason ever... 2 years ago i was surfing google for random pictures and came across this site. and was like Man i have to do it. i saw it and instantly HAD TO DO IT! so i have been doing it since. i have made 2 suits. working on the silenced...
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    Pepakura Designer 3 Font Issue...

    do the pep work without numbers. i have done 6 pieces sofar without numbers... its not that hard. just dont cut it all out at once. cut one piece fold it n glue it then repeat. just use pep viewer to know what piece to cut next...