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    Space, The final frontier: beta style

    no 053 i mean like when you looked at the map from space it looked like a spartan holding a sniper or reloading
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    Spartan Face

    that one looks like he has a HUGE nose
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    Master Chief Sucks at HaloMaster Video

    so funny lolololololololoololololol
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    Space, The final frontier: beta style

    hmmm did anyone else notice when he was falling that the map looked like a spartan switchin the clip or holdin a sniper up?
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    Spartan III armour

    it actually would be a real suprise to see them.. but it would also mean that bungie would have to update the Mark-V armor because with the S-III's there would also be some s-II's with no Mark-VI
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    AR interest... new vid on pg47 11/26

    thanks man if the job i applied for comes through i might buy one
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    Could Onyx be the Ark?

    the earth most likely is The Ark, because in the end of halo 2 the arbiter asks the moniter where the ark is... and it just so happens to cut to MC comming out of slipspace at earth, and Onyx I belive is a 'sheild world' which i believe if the forerunners activated the halos they would go into...
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    SPI armor

    I'd probably stick wit ole MC but i also saw that you can customize EACH peice of armor theres SPI MK6 if the bring the other spartans in they'll also need the MK5 and theres another armor dunno what it is yet...
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    AR interest... new vid on pg47 11/26

    hey link can you also send me a price list? greatly appreciate it thanks in advance!
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    Props Spartan Laser has begun!!

    it looks really good i like the picture of you pointing it at the elite cant wait to see it done :hyper:
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    Brute Spiker Prop (in progress)

    The Spiker is lookin great man
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    Props my Armory

    :shock: whoa some good stuff link :hyper:
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    AR interest... new vid on pg47 11/26

    I'm sorry to hear about your uncle Link. But im new here and your AR is AMAZING.. do you have a set price on one of them?