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    Best Halo Marketing You've Seen?

    The videos are all pretty cool. But has anyone seen any epic posters/guerilla marketing, etc for Halo? Some games do some pretty great marketing, I remember some challenges to promote the game :D
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    Best Halo Marketing You've Seen?

    I suddenly just realized that I very rarely see any Halo marketing... mostly because I already know i'm going to purchase anything ;) Has anyone seen any Halo marketing that caught their attention? Was thinking of guerilla marketing or some amazing videos especially. I read an article talking...
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    anybody have experience with audio editing?

    What's this for? Just for lolz?
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    Talk About Your Pet at Home

    I have a rabbit (not the one in the avatar) but a little similar. Soft, cuddly, and much easier to take care of than a cat or dog. She hops over to me when i come home sometimes :)
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    (Not Halo related) The fate of Mass Effect Andromeda

    One of those series that really has to struggle to top the last one. If this was your first ME, then maybe you'd dig it, but as a long time fan, I found myself bored. i don't know, maybe it's just ME fatigue, but I'm not that interested in future releases.
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    Destiny 2

    Does any site have a full review up? I saw IGn have one in progress. Really interested to see where D2 goes, was a bit underwhelmed by Destiny
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    Halo 5 advice for a poor noob?

    Absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Every Halo game is run and gun. You shoot at things that are trying to shoot at you, then occasionally press A to initiate something. But fair points on the difficulty topic. As for controls, i just get used to whatever they've given me. I don't...
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    Do you guys want halo 5 to fully come to pc?

    Na, I'm happy to play on console. Enough PC games as there is.
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    Halo 5 advice for a poor noob?

    sensitivity: whatever the normal settings are. Just leave them. They are good. lowe the difficulty then? Heroic is quite hard. i think it has some incredible gameplay, love the spartan charge. how can you be good at H4 but worse at H5? they don't have so much change.
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    Halo: Reach Animatic

    confused. Can I see this online?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Davey Profession: Kitchen assistant Age: 27 Fav. Hobbies: Reading, games, hiking, badminton Fav. Video Games: HALO, COD, GTA, FIFA Other Interests: WW II, Cars