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    Props M6H2 MAGNUM from HALO 5

    Sweet work. All your hard work paid off. Nice . Keep up the great explanations. they really help new people.
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    The Ultimate Pepakura FAQ

    This is a great help thank you for putting this up.
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    Are there any not to taxing foam plans.

    Hi i was wondering if anybody knows of some foam plans that are not to taxing i could do under a high stress time. My Wonderful partner has been diagnosed with breast cancer . Its has been caught early and success is good But she will need to rest a lot. So i was wondering about doing some...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi All ! Thank you for letting me join. My name is Alexandrea Irish and I'm 42 years of age. Like the rest of you I like all things Halo. I have 2 sons who also love Halo and a partner Margaret Who loves the halo books. I have loads of likes . But most of all is creating . am Disabled and have...