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  • Miss, your file has been sent to your inbox. Enjoy it and let me know if I can help you in anything else. :)

    Also, the belt is the works, too.
    If you want, I can send you some pics before I begin. That way you can tell me if it's good or not.

    If you want to see them, shoot me your e-mail in a PM and you'll get them ASAP.
    I left in some shoulder support things so that it can be measured from shoulder to shoulder.

    Hopefully you won't need any additional measuring.

    I also got the belt ready, by the way.
    Hey, Liiansa.

    The Torso file is ready.

    The file hasn't been unfolded, but if you want, you can give me your shoulder to shoulder measuremeant and I'll get to work on it ASAP.
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