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    Hello, I'm New, But I'm Spanish

    Hola mi amigo! Como estas? Bienvenido al 405th, yo hablo espanol bueno. Tienes preguntas?
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    Canadian Spartan Made (jedi Fraz High Def Helm Completed)

    Awesome job! I really like the extra quick coat of green in the end, it completes them. :)
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    Arc Reactor

    That's so cool! :eek: How did you make it?
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    Binarycode's Armor (wip)

    They look very good, and your helmet seems to be going well. I also agree with Daftspartan 110% sanding is a pain in the arse, but well worth it. Sadly, I learned that lesson with my first helmet the hard way. Keep it up and I'm sure it will turn out great!
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    Looking For Some Criticism

    Yeah this helped me out a lot, I tried and it is working amazingly! It has so much detail, and its just turning out great! Droodles, I owe you my life lol! :D
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    Still Have No Faith In Halo Wars?

    Halo Wars will be great, I'm really looking forward to getting it. Finally a game that will explain the total "badassness"(yes I made that word up) of halo before Master Chief even came. Plus, RTS games are always fun.
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    Helmet Question.

    You just about finished your paper version....right? Well after that you put resin on the outside and fiberglass on the inside, usually the fiberglass shrinks it a bit. If it's still a little "roomy" then add padding. Thats basically what most people do including myself, I have to add padding...
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    Lastspartan's Mk-vi Helmet

    That looks really good! I can't wait for more pics! :D -Chris
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    Looking For Some Criticism

    WOW.... That's one of the nicest helmets I have ever seen! :not worthy: Its so clean and perfect, especially the bondo job. It's absolutely fantastic! Quick question though, how did you get those ridges in the bondo? I'm working on mine and I would love to have detail like that. Keep it up...
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    Finished My Helmet

    Yeah it's good man, I'm also trying to get things in for halloween. Then after I'll become serious and bondo, sand, bondo, sand, etc.... Anyways it looks good, I just thing it needs some bondo after Halloween. Keep it up man, and keep adding pics! Good luck! :)
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    Hd Mark Vi And Torso Wip *update*

    Yes, it is definitely the beginning of a long strenuous journey, but I'm glad that it is turning out good so far. Thanks for your comments, I always like to hear some reassurance with my work. :)
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    Hd Mark Vi And Torso Wip *update*

    Yes they help a lot, but I think it's turning out good so far. What about you?
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    Hd Mark Vi And Torso Wip *update*

    I resined and glassed my helmet this weekend. I also gave it a quick coat of black primer to see where I should sand and Bondo. I also have my torso almost completely pep'd, I just have to finish a side and the ab plate. Criticism anyone? -Chris
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    Spartan-86 Armor Updated! New Pix Of Finished Armor!

    I like it a lot! Nice job! Your paint job is very nice also, keep it up man. I'm sure it will turn out amazing! :D -Chris
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    All Of My Helmets

    Nice work Chris! It's about time you joined, keep it up! They look really good! P.s. Start your torso, like me! -Chris