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    Guilty Spark 343 Is Now Completed Pix Inside!

    Any more news on the Guilty Spark? This was looking fantastic - despite the cracks and remakes. Have you managed to get the LEDs working?
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    Props Juliet76's Blueprints

    Your Blueprints are so awesome, Joe, and they just keep getting better. I'm truly proud of you :D And with the next ones coming up.....*cough* sticky thread *cough* ;)
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    It's Finally Happening...

    Yeah, he wasn't asking himself, it's all I've heard about for the past...I don't know....6 months ;) :p Congrats Elvis, I hope it all goes awesomely for you. I'm really happy for you both. This is very, very cool. :D
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    Juliet's Workshop

    As a chick myself, yes. Definitley yes. :) Those were fun times, making the soul box Joe. Nice pics too (especially the scotch glass :p) Hi, how you doing? ;) I hope the move goes smoothly for you.
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    Guilty Spark 343 Is Now Completed Pix Inside!

    Wow, this looks really good. And you're idea of attaching him to your suit is awesome. It would be great if you could fill him in and pump him full of helium and attach him like a balloon, then he'd really be floating around!! He'd be too heavy, but maybe a lightweight version..... Can't wait...
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    Help With The Pepakura

    Ultimately it's up to you, whichever way suits you best, but I agree that it would be better to cut out the pieces as you need them, instead of all together. Some of those pieces are pretty tiny and easy to lose. :)
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    Weapon Builds. Canon Vs. Custom- The H3 Shotty

    LOL :lol: ! I didn't get past how huge his arms look in the picture to see the rest. Yeah, he's gonna have to be careful there! ;) That's a great face Joe :lol:
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    Thanks! I actually went looking after you said this, and yes I do have a purple candle. I also thought about melting a couple of colours together to get the layers. :) Slave away Juliet? I thought you were sitting on your butt drawing pictures for someone else? And yes, I love clay, it was...
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    Don't worry he was returned unharmed, mostly.......... :p
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    I'm supposed to be writing an essay at the moment, but instead I got bored and started procrastinating by playing with some melted wax from a candle I had burning the night before. I wouldn't have posted these, but I got talked into it, so what I carved was this: And this is...
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    Games That Didn't Live Up To The Hype

    Okay. Halo 3 was a let down but not because of the story, but because it felt rushed. It felt like there should have been more, (undecided on could have been more), like they spent too much time making forge and theatre and the playback - which is sooooo awesome and not enough time on the story...
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    Juliet's Workshop

    Yeah it's called Joe's Getaway, or Linda's Super Happy Fun Time :p So true. I have a Fubar hanging next to my side of the bed. :D It is a great space for a workshop and one of the first things we looked for when we moved. On the spray booth I really wanted to put up a sign saying...
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    My Weekend...

    The happiest you've ever been? I remember someone saying that about me when Joe and I first got together, they don't say that anymore though.......... but I'm sure yours will last :p :D Interesting comment you left me, I'll be sending one your way soon.........Mhuahahahahahahaha!!! :devil...
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    My Weekend...

    Hello Spartan II, we finally "meet"! I feel that I know so much about you, cause Joe never shuts up about the people here, every time he opens his mouth it's all Elvis this and Dave that...... ;) :lol: Seriously, I'm really happy for you, it's so fantastic to find someone who you can just be...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Linda Profession: Sandwich artist Age: 27 Favorite part of Halo: Driving the Warthogs Favorite Halo: First Favorite Video Game: There's too many to list, Two are soft spots for me though: the first Zelda, because it was the first game I stayed up all night playing. Halo, because my...