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  • I bawled my eyes out when that big thing happened. Still haven't played the campaign again. Can't bring myself to go through that again! Lol :p
    I know what you mean, you can't play capture the leader on your own. Although you DEFFO need mates for horde
    Nope, I build the goddamn thing! >.<! Took 60 hours!
    And I've been a member for a year already so you'd think I would be able to start threads!
    I know what you mean though! I'm also totally addicted to it! I bought the bright pink gun skins so I'm now making a bright pink lancer for my build. LOVE capture the leader but I always get destroyed on team deathmatch. You finished the campaign yet?
    I can't actually begin threads for some reason. Always says that I don't have the right permissions. That and I was winging it so I didn't really take pics :/ And it was my first ever build. Might do for the bubblegum pink lancer that I'm making! :p
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