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    Thoughts on Thor

    wooohooo thanks a lot man!
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    Thoughts on Thor

    Wait what?!?!?!?! What did i miss?!? :(
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    Smooth-Cast 300 vs ROTO

    o oooo thanks. makes good sense. that decides it. thanks a lot!
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    Props Paradoxdj Is Making A Battle Rifle

    hey yah that did help a lot! thanks! And you also answered another one of my questions that i just thought of which was about resining it. :p Thanks for the help!
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    A release and request

    mmmk well thanks. use your judgement. if it's even worth your time it would be great if you could get it. but if it's a piece of crap that's fine. thanks either way!!!
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    A release and request

    i got a request here... maybe one of the boot? Cause the current one (the one from WETA i think) isn't that ...nice looking? yay! i'm gonna where it over my shoes!
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    The First Paper Mache Tutorial

    Another way to go is to use paper mache pulp. You blend up (or cut if you have a lot of time on your hands) a bunch of paper (i used printer paper and it worked well) and then soak it all in water for a few days. you then drain out the water and add either glue or flour. This makes a sort of...
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    Smooth-Cast 300 vs ROTO

    oooo that makes sense thanks because i was wondering about those two too. While this thread is here (i WAS gonna make my own in a few minutes but this seems like a better idea) i have a quick question regarding casting materials. So i was browsing the smooth on site and i came across something...
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    Cast aluminum armor

    You can't use lost wax casting to make something hollow though, can you?
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    Jico's Reach Helmet Modeling Requests

    Hey! Nice idea! Since the pilot helmet has already been modeled does that mean your abandoning it now and heading off to the operator? Just curious! anywho good luck!
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    Props Paradoxdj Is Making A Battle Rifle

    HEy hey! it turned out good man! quick question though- How did you go about gluing the slices together? Probably not hot glue right? And do you have to clamp it? Because i have cut out all the slices for the odst pistol (except out of foam board) and i don't really know where to go from here...
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    Ask the Q's get the A's with your host BenStreeper

    Hey sir! thanks for making this! I have a quick question here that I've been trying to figure out for a bit... How would you go about making a mold of a helmet that already has a visor installed? (specifically the odst)
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    "Help!" for: Painting

    You mean to like make it look old and worn? for that you do something like a black wash. Definition: where you spray black spray paint over a small area and then quickly wipe it off with a sock, paper towel etc. (just wipe the surface don't scrub into the corners and stuff) this will make it...
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    Halo Reach Mrk V [B] COMPLETED w/Pics!

    Magnificent! it looks real!
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    Halo Tech vs. Other Sci-Fi

    That last statement there, that's something that never made sense to me. If the forerunners were so advanced and all, why couldn't they do something more about the flood? I mean a single human could do it. So why not an entire super advanced alien race?