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    Halo Patch WIP

    Hey guy's I've working on a Legendary Shield patch design for a while now and I decided it was time for some input from other Halo Fans. Here is my Legendary Shield Patch it is 3.75" tall and 3.5" wide. First Run: Second Run: color changes and a couple tweaks Third Test Run: with color...
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    Debit Account Theft

    Don't wait, Adam is right.
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    Arc Reactors And Animatronics

    Welcome and WOW that is some great work.
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    What Should I Say?

    Is this just a guy or a guy with a shop. Most shops will be more than happy to help you. Well, at least help you lighten the load of your wallet. I looked at getting a simple piece made based of my compound bow. They were going to charge me a couple hundred more than what the bow is worth...
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    Sillicone Molding?

    The only problem I can see you running into is that silicone caulking cures differently than molding/casting silicone. Silicon caulking is an air drying cure where as molding/casting silicone's use chemicals to induce curing. What this means is that in a think enough piece cast in caulking the...
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    Halo Reach Build

    Look forward to seeing your progress, but please don't make WIP threads till you have something to show.
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    Pepakura Ethics (Or Is It Ok To Make Moulds/bucks From Pep Files?)

    The problem I'm seeing is that people are claiming "It was released for free." Yes, true these files are released for free for personal use. To make your prop/armor/whatyamacallit. I see people that do all of the work to make the finished piece look awesome then turn around and sell...
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    Disappointed With Reach?

    Please refrain for saying that someone is wrong and not giving factually reasons as to why(wiki is not factual). All Spartan III's were sent on suicide missions that was the whole purpose of the project. Highly train disposable soldiers that could survive staggering odds long enough to...
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    Props The 9 Hour Odst Pistol

    Not a public album unless people are on your friends they can't access the pics.
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    Technical Data Sheet?

    Welcome and Enjoy your stay. That's an odd thing to ask on a costuming board. But to answer your question LOW and not very.
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    Disappointed With Reach?

    I like and dislike the beta. For the most part the game play is fun, but as someone how has played/read all things Halo this is not Halo. Before anyone says that it is. Read Ghost of Onyx. All Spartan III's are killed in their missions the only two that weren't became trainers on Onyx. By...
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    Custom Embroidered Halo Patches/badges

    Cortana I'm not sure what program your using but the program I use for my little setup is Embrid, once you learn to use it, it has some features that help save time with designing the patch pattern. If you have any question I'd be happy to help.
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    Huge Flaw In Halo: Reach That Needs Your Votes!

    The social setting don't work. I always put it quit/friendly and still have to listen to some idiots abusing the mic. Mic bans are not a bad thing, I think they should take voice away except for matches with your friends. The mics are the main reason I stopped Halo 3 online listening to every...
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    Iron Lantern Suit---Help?

    WOW yellow on a Green Lantern, wow somebody didn't do their homework.(Sorry GL fan.)
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    Elite (Sangheili) Wip

    Looks like a great start. If you have the cash Weta sells Digigrade legs. Here's a link Weta Legsif nothing else it's some more ref for you.