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    All Ghillied Up

    Wouldn't active camo be much more effective?
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    Props Your Desktop Turret

    [attachment=7135:signiture_models.png] Its the M82, not the Barrett .50 Cal. Thats just what COD4 calls it cause they're a bunch of noobs
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    Helljumpers Project Warthog Bravo!

    The transport hog would have been much better..... SHOTGUN!!!!!
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    Weee I Made A Costume :]

    That looks better than mine.... mines in pieces...
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    Whooohoo Master Chief Times 2

    All I have to say is... wow...
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    Flood Costume

    Has anyone ever tried to make a flood costume so you can scare little kids???
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    Odst Back Pads

    I know what your talking about, the back pads, from what I have seen, are actually just one big piece. If you need a reference, play The Covenent and right after you destroy the first AA wraith, look at your ODSTs' backs. I had drafted the armor on paper before I knew about pep.
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    Helljumpers Project Warthog Bravo!

    where did you get that little warthog? =edit= HA! First on page 6... :thumbsup:
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    Mark 4, Where Is It?

    Someone should do mk1 armor while their at it...
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    Does anyone have pep files for Cadian Imperial Guardsman? I wanted to make the armor, but I can't find files to make it. If you have some, please post them. Here's pics [attachment=6971:ig_cover.jpg] [attachment=6972:soldier.jpg]
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    Hiya! I'm Newand Want Some Friends!

    I can be your friend if you want... I have none
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    Hello, I'm New, But I'm Spanish

    Yo hablo poco español...
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    Anyone Interested In 40k Costuming?

    are there any peps for a short pattern lasgun?
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    Ok What Gun Should This Be?

    SPNKr (jk) you should make that into, uh, definitly the spiker
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    Anyone Interested In 40k Costuming?

    are there any pep files for the cadian karskin sergeant armor?