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    STAFF & Member List

    Please add myself to this list. Mission, BC
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    H3 Chief Armor - Build Progress

    ExCeLLuR8 The flexible piping will work better than a NEW toilet plunger. I say NEW because I really don't like the concerns of a used one. The ones on my boots are wearing out and are in need of replacing. I really like your progress. :)
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    Galactic Battles (Halo, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Star Trek - Fan Film)

    Galactic Battles has finally been released! A mashup of 4 franchises meet up to do battle. #Halo #StarWars #StarTrek #MassEffect Enjoy!
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    Armor Travel

    Thanks TurboCharizard Just to make it clear. No I did not cross the boarder while wearing the armor. Common traveling sense ensured that I had a safe and easy pass thru to Seattle. While keeping on the subject... this is what I purchased for transporting my suit. 50 Gallon Mobile Tool...
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    Pacific Regiment (Seattle, WA) - PAX West 2018

    Well now... Hmmmm... Aiming for all FOUR days. :) It's been a long time since visiting my Pacific friends.
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    Pacific Regiment Booth Ideas

    Hmmmm... The pc/tablet... Is there a possibility that it could be running Windows 10? eg. MS Surface? I'm thinking about it would be cool and interactive for Cortana to be active on it. Perhaps add a good mic and speaker system. A good internet connection would be an asset too.
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    Pacific Regiment (Portland, OR) - Rose City Comic Con 2018

    Going to put in a request for the time off. Hopefully it gets approved (snail paced system), before tickets run out.
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    My first build - Pepakura Mark VI Spartan Armor

    I noticed and checked out this thread, because the TITLE mentioned your build was a H3 Mark VI Spartan Armor. When I get the chance to lurk around, I usually search for new H3 Mark VI builds. I love reading all of the different techniques and ideas that each builder brings. Yours included...
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    My first build - Pepakura Mark VI Spartan Armor

    Nice pep work. Your folds look really sharp and clean. As for resizing the helm... based upon how much I see was shaved off... I would suggest adding 10% or possibly 15% to the size and go from there. As a side note... I had to do some shaving on my helm too, but not enough to warrant a...
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    Where do all the Pacific Regiment Spartans Live?

    This one will require a bit of an explanation: I am located in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. When I 1st joined, the Pacific included the West Coast of Canada as part of is delineation . Now that the regiments have been redrawn, I had the choice to remain with the Pacific regiment or...
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    Galactic Battles (Halo, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Star Trek - Fan Film)

    That is fascinating that you mentioned Eve and I agree with the power that they have. That was one of the reasons why we initially wanted to have Eve as one of the franchises in our film. We reached out to them with our legal team to discover that it was a no go for our fan film. So sad...
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    LongShot-X's Mark VI HD MJOLNIR Armor - WIP

    <lurker mode OFF> More nerdgasm from some of my armored adventures is INCOMING! This is the final official teaser trailer for the film GalacticBattles. "Wake him up!" <lurker mode ON ish>
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    Galactic Battles (Halo, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Star Trek - Fan Film)

    Update on the film: We have just released our final official teaser trailer for our 2nd funding campaign. Please share and enjoy!