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    Yet Another Iron Man Wip

    Can you send me a copy of the helmet file, or a link. I built an Iron Man helmet a year ago using the same pep file, but now I'm going back to fix it (I did it really sloppily at first), and I need to use parts from the pep file, but lost the file. Thanks!
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    Full size Elite

    I had the same idea! I already made an elite head, but it isn't quite as big as it should be. I'm still maybe going to make a full size half-jaw... Great job, anyway.
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    Halo: Gold Chronicles Project Mark VII

    How long do you think it'll be before you have at least a 3D file for the helmet that we try to pep? I'm really excited to build this... you've done a really nice job (better than I could ever do).
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    Any 405th'ers in Kansas City?

    I live in Overland Park, but I'm only a high school student, so the whole "meeting up" isn't gonna happen with me. You know, internet safety, etc. But I have always loved your security helmet, so I think it's cool that you live so close...
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    Halo: Gold Chronicles Project Mark VII

    I saw that on the Bnet weekly update (and I'm ABSOLUTELY SURE you got a star, it was the best custom design in my opinion) and I wanted to find it on flickr, deviantart, etc so that I could find whoever made it and have them maybe make top-down and back views so that it could be made in to a 3D...
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    Props any tips for hardening weapons

    So, is Rondo literally just a mix of fibreglass resin and bondo? I've seen rondo used alot on forums on the 405th, but never was able to figure out what exactly it was. I have an idea combining both this AND the Great Stuff. I used Great Stuff to fill an Elite head, but the problem I ran into...
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    Vacuum forming visors

    Here's a really good tutorial on how to make a cheap vacuum former (if you don't already have one). You should EASILY be able to vacuum form your visor, that's exactly what I intend to do when I have the time to make it. And, it works by putting the plastic on top, so you don't have to worry...
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    It is AMAZING! It's saved me hours upon hours of work, if not at least a day, and has enabled me to really speedily get stuff done. Good luck!
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    Custom Avatars (requests)

    Hey, Noble8, this is AWESOME! Can I request a banner with both Iron Man and a spartan in HAYABUSA armor in it? Those are the 2 helmets I've done so far. Not sure exactly how it would be done, so that leaves it to you to put it to your imagination! If possible, make 2 separate banners: one with...
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    Basically, you have to open it in Pepakura, and hit unfold, but I'm sure you know that. I'm not very good either, but just trying to make sure it'll be possible to cut, score, and put together. Maybe I'm wrong, but sizing might just have to be trial and error--once it's possible to cut, fold...
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    so are we nerds?

    Usually, I get lots of "Oh, cool, that's awesome!" When I show my HAYABUSA, some people think it's awesome, but lots of people don't realize it's a Halo helmet. Sometimes, people even think it's a Power Rangers helmet. But everyone recognizes my Iron Man helmet, and everyone thinks it's...
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    *The Official* Halo Reach Pepakura Files Thread

    Thanks to "All those who like your suit"? You say that like it's possible NOT to like that...AWESOMENESS!!!!!! I'm jealous!
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    Master Chief and ODST march at Relay For Life to fight cancer!

    Nice, Man! Nice, man! I've done Relay for Life before, in Atchison, KS, because my aunt is a survivor, so my grandparents are really active with Relay for Life now. I didn't know it was possible to admire and respect you more than I already did, but, I do!
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    REAL LIFE Jetpack WIP

    Because I'm working on some Iron Man armor, I got inspired, and dicided that I wanted to build a jeptack. So far, it's only some sketches in a notebook (that has Iron Man on the cover...), but ASAP, I'll at least post pictures of that...
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    Mk Vi Thigh

    My advice: Fix it with Bondo. The paper's detail will be completely lost when you get to the hardening stage, but it can be reclaimed when carving out the Bondo. Just detail it to be like the real thing.