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    Revolutionary New Way To Finish Pep Pieces

    This is turning into the Newton/Leibniz argument. I think this method is awesome and I can't wait to try it out. Mega points for seemingly coming up with it on your own and sharing it with everyone. Other people may have come up with it but you chose to make a tut on it when you discovered it...
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    A Neat Side Project

    I thought I'd give some pics of the final product in action. So here you go! A little wonky with the glue here but I can fix it I think they turned out pretty well. I've been working on this car a lot and my armor is at a complete standstill. I'll get back to it in August when...
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    Resining & Fibre Glassing Tutorial/How To

    *Disclaimer* -meant to be informative yet silly- so you start with this Then you apply just this To the outside a few times. Then you use this + either of these On the inside. Apply in strips. Do one layer, and then a second if you so desire Then use this On...
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    A Neat Side Project

    I'm only making copies for myself so everything is good. Saves myself a headache of finding decent replacements. I must add that I did make my sister one because she thought it was awesome but it was a freebie and I seriously doubt GM (Government Motors now) is gonna go snooping through her...
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    A Neat Side Project

    I thought I'd share something I've cooked up between fiberglassing, working, and sleeping... :rolleyes I'm slowly working on my '79 camaro which came back from paint a few weeks ago. I'm changing all the trim to flat black, wheel wells, cleaning hood, trunk, ect. I also came across an emblem...
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    you get +1 internet for that analogy! Very nice I agree. Priming allows you to see mistakes easily, fills in any minor imperfections which would be major eyesores without it, makes the final coat a LOT easier to apply evenly, and whets your appetite for the finished product with a clean sneak...
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    Soft Parts The Undersuit Top

    Very nice. If only I weren't making my own
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    What Am I?

    Some other method.... Definatly a mixture of Hydrogen Bonds and VanDerWahls forces. Perhaps a little dark matter mayhaps?
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    A Letter To Any One Who Has Pepped A Compleat Set

    I have no patience but I would call it more stubbornness that allowed me to pep a full suit. As for OCD.... oh crap, I think I didn't put my fiberglassing supplies up right! *runs out to teh shed* What about OCD? :D
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    Super Glue Gel?

    I didn't like super glue when i used it. Its hard on the fingers and impossible to reposition pieces and crusty when dry. That was my personal experience but its all a matter of preference. I use the Weldwood Contact Cement and I think it works wonders. I just dip a Q-tip in and apply to...
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    Visor And Electronics First

    This will be fun to follow. I look forward to seeing how it turns out in application. Looks great!
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    Why Doesn't Glue Dry In The Bottle?

    I agree with everything said so far along the lines of evaporation and vapor pressure. As was said, water spread on a table will evaporate faster than water in an open bottle. This said, water in a closed bottle will not evaporate (into the outside atmosphere) because it is capped...
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    Michaelarbys Mark Vi Wip

    ....where did you come from? How did I miss this? :wink: Your pepping looks great and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Great job scaling and two thumbs way up!
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    Lostdude's Mk Vi Build

    I'll try and work on my pepping :D and I'm definatly going for Caboose blue from RvB. I'll make a confession, I don't own an XBOX and whenever I do play halo I'm TERRIBLE, we're talking I'm lucky to get 3 kills. PC gamer all the way. However I love the armor, the single player gameplay...
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    Dutch's Helmet

    Hmmm, I think I like whatever you used for padding. Where did you get that material?