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    Starting out on my next project.

    Help with starting a my next WIP. Ive come down to a few options in order to make this. I want to make it similarly to how the person who made the portal gun did, basically using floral foam or somthing similar to carve it from, then reinforcing it using plastic. Problem is that I cant find...
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    Props New DMR work in progress (rather pic heavy)

    thanks for the support guys. I use either a scroll saw or a band saw. both are amazing. And ill try that macro thing next time i do a close up. thanks. Anyways, i got alot of work done today. SHE IS ONE. (or mostly) I got all the parts glued up, bought some paints, and rounded out the...
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    Props New DMR work in progress (rather pic heavy)

    Ok, pretty busy day today. got alot of work done. closed off the area for the trigger, and made sure that it was working. epoxied the rod for the bolt into the body waiting for it to dry. and this it fits into the slots beautifully. tomorrow ill be able to take the clamps off the tube...
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    Props New DMR work in progress (rather pic heavy)

    I made a quick run to the hardware store, got some good stuff, a bunch of springs, a couple dowel rods, and brass tube. I got the trigger mostly functioning, along with this
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    CAD software question

    thats for the info, the only reason i wanted a cad related program was because i had prior exp with it, and really liked it. But mostly id be looking at making a few casts of the final prodcut for a few freinds, and maybe sell some on here. I didnt think you would get in trouble as long as you...
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    CAD software question

    i managed to find a good version of GstarCAD, after alot of searching and a few downloads. and its strikingly familiar to autoCAD. Im liking it, but few things are confusing, and im not sure, since its not a liscened version, if i could, say, make a cnc copy of what im working on, and if i like...
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    CAD software question

    About a year ago, i was in a AutoCAD class at my school, and i fell in love. I have a few designs that i would very much like to model in the program, but i dont have $4000 to lay out on AutoCAD itself. Ive searched and there seems to be a plethora of programs that claim to be the same, but i...
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    Smooth Cast Products

    Ive used smooth cast 300, and its an extremely versatile maerial. i use it with fiberglass matt after a thin layer sloshed inside the pep peice. you can do it however you like, but using smaller amounts is recommended at first to reduce warpage. people suggest the fiberglass resin because its...
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    mandatory temperature

    its not absolutely necesarry, but the 60 degrees is recomended. it will cure at colder temperatures, but much slower. you would be surprised how much a small change in tempereature can affect cure times. i live in texas, and i was using some smooth cast 300Q which has about a 1 min working time...
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    Props New DMR work in progress (rather pic heavy)

    ok, did some more work today, not too much different, but theres some minor details i added and fixed up. routed the details and made the second one so i have both handle parts finished as well as both long peices and the rail part. still some details to add to the other peice. then i get to...
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    Props New DMR work in progress (rather pic heavy)

    Sorry i havent posted in a while. Ive been really busy lately with college starting and freinds and stuff, but i got some work done the last couple days. here ya go thats pretty much how everything is looking.
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    ShadoKat's Samus Aran (Metroid Prime 3) helmet sculpt - WIP

    typically for sanding, i think 600 grit would work just fine. basically your just trying to get it smooth enough so that the scratches wont show through the paint. ive wet sanded lacquer guitar finishes and the highest we go to before buffing is usually 1600 i think. 2000 might be a bit far...
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    3 Halo guns in two weeks!

    thats amazing work right there man. great job. Do you think that the paper and plastic sheets will be solid enough to stand up to molding?
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    Fiberglass Cloth

    yah, mat definitly get you more strenght per layer, but it uses more resin and is much harder to work with. using cloth is much easier, warps less, and gets deailes with less bubbleage, but you really should do two layers of cloth, so it takes more time that way.
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    Need some help with rail

    thats actually a really cool idea. and dont worry about it not beign halo related, many builds on here arent. as for the motorized idea, i wouldnt be too sure about that. being fully auto and stopping on its own would be really complicated, and even including a motor would make it over...