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    After months of templating and preplanning I have decided to finally get to work on my second ODST build. A few pictures, like the greaves, are comparison pics. More progress pics to come.
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    HEADCOUNT for Halo Outpost Discovery

    ColdFireD96 Dan Large
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    Whiterun Shield

    Eva foam cover with a hardboard backing. Trickiest part was getting the stencil to produce clean lines but I just touched it up with brown paint. Dremel produced the wood pattern and the back features a handle and custom leather belt so I can easily wear it.
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    Canadian 405th Member Bios

    Operative ID: ColdFireD96 Affiliation: UNSC Rank: N/A 405th DIN (If Issued): N/A Call Sign: Lt. Dan Armour System Status: UNSC ODST Instagram/Facebook/Other Pages: Instagram: foam_smith Years Cosplaying: 3 Short Bio: Maker and artist. Very much a generalist with a passion for the art of costume...
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    Skyrim Steel Sword

    Steel sword with eva foam construction and a wooden core. A shield is coming up next.
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    Regiment membership - please all read

    I would like to be added to the Canadian Regiment please
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    Props Old to New ODST SMG

    Recently made an upgrade to my ODST SMG. New tools and new experience certainly makes a huge difference in the quality of work. Oh and the magazine comes out!
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    Cottage Country Con 2019

    3rd year attending with Schankerz
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    Finished ODST Build! Does anyone even remember me?

    Very nicely done! You're definitely feet first into hell now!
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    - Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

    As an ODST I am very impressed with how accurate this looks, especially the helmet. After seeing a bunch of other cosplays I am strongly considering rebuilding mine. Well done!
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    - Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

    I need to update my ODST costume as the last picture I posted was very old. Since then I completely rebuilt the lower and upper. The only thing that is still the same is the helmet.
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    Props Quick Build Energy Sword

    Yeah I am super inspired to build my own sword with the LED's. It'll be a good entry to electronics for me and I really want a good energy sword that I can be proud of. Thank-you for the direction in the post and the inspiration!
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    Props Halo Sniper Rifle Scope

    Ive wanted to install something like this in my sniper scope for awhile and maybe when I build a second one I will do so. My method that I was thinking about is taking a point and shoot digital camera and popping the screen out and using that as the monitor, but keeping it connected to the rest...
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    Toronto Comic Con

    Friday at this March's Toronto Comic Con with Schankerz