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  • Hey man, I'm on live right now. I'm appearing as offline because a few friends are really annoying me right now. Hop on and I'll invite ya!
    Just checkin in man, havent pm'ed you in. . .ever actually. . . Anyways, hows your buid going, I checked in on it but not much goin on there. Not holding out on us are ya?
    Hey, just wanted to let you know I think I've finally worked all the kinks out of the backpack file, and have uploaded a newer version... let me know if you get a chance to unfold it before I do,

    Hey M-071,
    Just read your blog. Thought I would say hello. I am working on an Ironman costume my self. Still new to scaling to fit my frame. Would love to see your pics then when I get to paint I will try to post mine.
    I have an uncle by marriage that played for the Steelers in the seventys. His name is Tom Beasly. Who did you play for?
    Hope to hear from you soom,
    Not sure if messages got through. Got your email and appreciate the information! Let me know if I can give you a hand with your suit too. :)
    hey man its awesome that you and youre son are woking together on this it inspires me to work with my little brother!! id lov to see your jorge-052 armor when youre done!!! Keep it up!!!
    I stumbled onto this website looking for a master chief Halloween costume for my son. I started reading through all the pages and looking at all the projects and now my son and I have added a new hobby to the list of things we do. I love the concept of this website and how initiation process encourages participation. Hundreds of people all working together on the same hobby, encouraging and helping each other to complete their projects gives you a strong feeling of teamwork. My son has with great enthusiasm and encouragement asked me to build my own Jorge Armor . The reason being is that armored up I’m just a hair shorter then the real Jorge. Naturally he’s pretty excited as am I to be a life sized Spartan!! Keep you all posted and looking forward to be a part of this team
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Michael, I’m father of two kids Matthew 9 and Hannah 6 and it’s a full time job being super dad!!!

Xbox, PS3, Weight lifting, sailing, Snowboarding, NFL
Sep 14, 1981 (Age: 42)
NW, Near Seattle
Owner of a Construction and Excavation company her
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The One Scar
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Life Size Spartan build = Jorge -052
WWJD.....What Would Jorge Do :rolleyes: