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    Log on and find I've been a member for 10 years, lol. Found my 405th Knife from one of the first...

    Log on and find I've been a member for 10 years, lol. Found my 405th Knife from one of the first get togethers and made me think of y'all.
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    ODST: Project Real Armor.... (Pic Heavy)

    I think your completely missing the tone here and taking this way too seriously. Nice project, whats the website you order your supplies from and would they happen to have kydex? I've been wanting to make a holster for my Glock 19.
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    405th Gun Owners (Firearms)

    My brother is left eye/left handed and he just tilts his AK slightly and reaches over to rack it, it's honestly not as hard or as bad as you think. You can easily use non-lefty guns without any trouble, just takes a little practice. Hell when you see him do it it's extremely fast.
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    405th Gun Owners (Firearms)

    I go for accuracy when I go shooting, take my time and make sure each shot is placed where I want it to go. Then again I have always wanted a certain few fully automatic guns but would more than likely never be able to afford them.
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    405th Gun Owners (Firearms)

    It's a Winchester 97 if I'm not mistaken, it's a very nice shotgun and on my list of guns to buy :). I'm going to try and get my concealed carry license in the next few months, before then I'm going to the range every other week to see if I can't get my grouping with my Glock 19 a tad tighter...
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    405th Gun Owners (Firearms)

    Nice handwork lol, a .357 Magnum was the first gun I ever shot.
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    405th Gun Owners (Firearms)

    Hey guys been a while since I posted but went to the range a few days back and thought how cool it would be to see what all everyone else in the 405th community has firearm wise. If you want to brag or show off what you have post a photo up and tell us about it :). Here is my assortment of...
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    Zeronos Wip

    I know of it but have yet to actually check it out. Model looks really nice btw, I'm a fan of the Anthro helm you did as well.
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    New Foam Build

    Really nice armor and progress so far, I think I just might hop down to the Harbor Freight payday and nab me some foam. Been waiting for the weather to warm up so I can resin/glass my reach torso and such. Do you use your Exacto for cutting the foam or something else? It's rare I post these...
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    any idea what i did wrong?

    Looking good. Try Tacky glue some time, it has a really strong hold and you can work the tabs with your fingers as your gluing them. Seeing this is really making me want to build another helmet, best part of pepping is seeing it slowly form :D. Btw: A good way to prevent further warping is...
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    Props LeeKegan Reach M6B

    Holy frakin beautiful! Always great to see your work Lee.
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    Reach Legendary, No Achievement WTF?

    Yeah I did the last one it's just the first three that are still locked for some reason. I think it was because when I started the campaign I went through the main screen but when I went to continue I went through the main menu, there was a thread on some other site where someone had that problem.
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    Reach Legendary, No Achievement WTF?

    Ok so I just finished reach on Legendary solo from start to finish and did not receive either of the Legendary achievements (The one for solo and the regular one). I'm not at all happy about after all the BS that I have been through and I'm not really sure what to do from here. I'm thinking...
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    Calling all 405th members to A-Kon 22!

    Was there this year and the year before and shall be there next year :D. Honestly was extremely amazing this year, loved all the late night panels lol. I should have my Mark VI and my ODST both finished by then, ODST is technically finished sans helmet, hip plates, and thighs. I shall be there.
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    3 Halo guns in two weeks!

    Yeah after you mentioned the PVC sheets I started looking online for any stores nearby that sell it but have yet to find one, really interesting material to use.