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    General Question

    Thank you!
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    General Question

    Here is a silly question. I did find some papercraft files of what I was looking for but on a smaller scale. Would that work and can I modify them and change the scpe of everything and try to human size everything?
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    Pepakura Requests

    I did take a search through has anyone successfully modeled out dragoon armor say from Final Fantasy 11 or 14? I did find some people who did papercrafts with pepkura with Kain from FF4 and could that be used to try and make the armor on a larger scale?
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    General Question

    I know this is specifically for making your own HALO armor but I am looking to maybe try and build my own armor from one of my favorite games. I understand you need to get a solid render then work with the paper program. I didn't know if it was covered in one of the main stickied threads but I...
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    "Help!" for: Misc...

    I had an idea of making armor thanks to a video I found linking me to this site. I am quite brand new to this community and just had a few questions. I was looking to maybe make armor from Final Fantasy universe and was wondering on how about to make it. I noticed how it is broke down to make...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Doug Profession: Retail Management Age: 29 Favorite Hobby: Basketball Favorite Part of Halo: The simplicity of it and the fun of making friends cry over a network Favorite Halo: Halo Favorite Video Game: Oblivion or Final Fantasy 11 Favorite Food: Cheese Favorite Band: Pearl Jam Favorite...