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    Smooth Cast 300

    if u live in Southern California in the LA area there is a SMooth-on store in Santa-Fe Springs, i was there a while ago i forgot the offstreets but it is accually down an ally at the Very end, and is only open during the weekdays.
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    Odst Helmet

    idk if its just me but when i print out this version the numbers and folds are very small compared to other files, it seems to be with just the ODST armor so far really. supposed to be like that? also, what does "WETA" stand for?
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    Resining & Fibre Glassing Tutorial/How To

    i came to find out, i bought 2 brushes and the first brush i didnt do anything to and that crap just hardened to hell right away, but the second one i got to a sink after a batch of resin and washed the bristles with Dish soap a couple of times and i was able to reuse it again. but stupid me...
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    Halo Reach Carter Helmet Final Release

    you are a Genious
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Chris Clausen Profession: Electrical Age: 20 Hobby: Making/building things with my own hands Favorite part of Halo: The pvp Favorite Halo: All Favorite Video Game: anything with pvp really. Other interests: anything fun, there are alot of things out there to do, just a matter of people to...