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    William-B312 Noble Six Helmet

    itz buetiful );
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    The Helghan Academy - Killzone Files by Hugh

    Im grinding my teeth waiting for the Radec Pep >:(
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    Mjolnir [R], Mk. V "RECON" Project

    what? no they wont you are crazy bro, chicks love it
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    Best Reach Chest Armor?

    why dont you try looking more, that usually helps...
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    How many completed halo costumes on the 405th?

    i third that notion, it we be just what we need :O
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    Grave Hawks First ODST Helm (Completed)

    you are amazing
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    Emile's Kukri

    (it's not really that exciting but suspense is suspense). Anyway I'm about to start painting, heres some pictures... im a sucker for suspense, what happened!!!!
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    Need Halo Wars spartan armor

    maybe you and every other person should look around first in the threads, theres even a search bar to narrow your search, use it...
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    Fallout New Vegas, NCR Veteran Ranger Armor

    best NCR build ive ever seen
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    Possible Ebay Scam & Pep Images Copyrights

    WOOOOOOW, clearly this guy deserves to get slapped...
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    Props Nerf Reach Assault Rifle PIC HEAVY

    you are AMAZIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNGG, great work
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    Fallout New Vegas, NCR Veteran Ranger Armor

    i wanna make my own NCR as well
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    Macy's Parade WiP

    custom reach costume would be just dandy...
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    Carter Build WIP w/ many pics

    i dont think they look warped, maybe its just your insecurity, dun b shy k?
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    Reach UNSC Trooper WIP

    this is awesome and you are too. thumbs up to mr whatever your name is