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    Props Nerf Ma5B

    i must admit... i saw the iphone next to it... and i immediately though "oh snap, it is controlled by an iphone somehow" :-P eventhough it isnt controlled by the iphone it is still awesome, and using the already made attachments of the nerf rifle to go from pistol to assault rifle is...
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    Does Anyone Have A Pepakura Burger King Head

    i actually went to a costume store on halloween... they had costumes for events, like fairs and stuff, where they will have some character standing around for pictures... it was mobbed so i didnt go to the main store but i went to the sub store... they had all kinds of masks and props and...
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    Gundam Rx-78-2

    ah man... i really wanted to do an ODST armor within the next year... but this... this seems so much larger, and yet simpler at the same time... i am torn, so i will just have to bookmark this url to decide what to do at a later date :D
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    Trip Mine

    im going to pick out what colors i need for the trip mine (no lights or buzzers, sorry, ill put them in something else i make when i get good at this stuff) and this weekend i will go spray paint shopping, unless anyone had a better idea of how to do this? i might want to do some wear and tear...
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    Flyerfye's Odst

    heres another cheap ready made option like the plasma guns. at home depot there were these containers, they were like craft supplies and screws containers, pretty small, about 4 or 5 dollars each but they look basically the same as a flame grenade! I couldnt find the real one that i have, Heres...
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    Does Anyone Have A Pepakura Burger King Head

    that sounds like it might work out, and i could do it in time for this halloween if i start now! :D The only problem i would see is the size, the king has an oversized head and the masks are all normal human head sized
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    Does Anyone Have A Pepakura Burger King Head

    I have seen the burger king masks they have out there now, and they are all basically vinyl or cheaper plastic but the one in the commercials is hard like fiberglass or a stronger plastic. I just think its a funny thing to make and i was wondering if there were any resources out there already...
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    New Armour Tech Ideas

    i had an idea for when i start making a helmet. i have a headset for a cellphone (wired headset) and it had a button at the edge of it to pickup and hangup. i was going to try to take the headset apart, change the button to a larger button i could buy at radioshack and mount that to the outside...
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    Trip Mine

    yeah sorry... the funny thing is i put the expanding foam in there... and took a picture to put up... and the site was down, oh the timing! cant blame them for being down the one day i wasnt lazy, like the new layout though, alot brighter than before oh yeah, and when you use expanding...
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    Iron Man Heavy Artillery Armor

    It looks totally Bad Ass and the color scheme just adds to it, the lighting really puts what you have worked on together in an awesome way theres nothing i dont like about this, right down to the poses while youre showing off what you made lol
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    Trip Mine

    this i not dead... im just really lazy... im sanding it one last time before i fill in the holes i made to get the sanding particles out and then... THEN i will finally take some picture i apologize for my laziness and oh yeah, if it takes me this long just to make the thing, i dont know how...
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    Trip Mine

    so far ive just slid it in front of someone walking into my room... and then ducked and covered
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    Trip Mine

    wow... so many questions... when did that happen?! how long it took - a week and half of work at around 830 - 12 at night including printing, slicing, and pasting where i got the file - i went on the pepakura website itself and they have a library of downloads, small library, but one is the...
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    Trip Mine

    So I started working on this about a month ago but was put on hold because i needed to find resin and bondo (autozone) and expanding foam for the inside (home depot)... If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on how to go about this project, feel free to comment The thing is pep'd and...
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    Props Expanding Foam Tutorial

    finally bought the foam resin and bondo and will finally get to work on my pep trip mine this week :-) hope this works and doesnt explode if it does explode... i hope its entertaining to watch!