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    New Odst Controller

    I pre-ordered the CE of Halo 3: ODST just to be on the safe side of securing everything. I can not wait for campaign and firefight. It will be a blast!
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    Halo Reach - All New Game

    Wolverine Origins would've been Xmen 4, but it wasn't XD
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    Does anyone remember the Halo 2 Slipspace jump that Regret makes and the In Amber Clad follows Regret's cruiser through slipspace? Bungie nailed all the details and in ODST, you can see the frigate following the Cruiser when it's about to jump. Slipspace Rupture Comparison
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    Props It's Laza Time!

    It's looking great so far. Keep it up!
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    Halo 3 Sniper Rifle

    Nice. Bolt actually can get pulled back :cool:
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    Adam's Podcast 6 (part A)

    Great podcast Adam. Can't wait for part B
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    When All You Have Is A Hammer... 5/3 Final

    NICE! Can't wait to see the fully assembled Hammer.
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    Naval Pilot (update Starting The Full Armor)

    Really nicely detailed and a very original project. I can't wait to see the helmet on the rest of the marine outfit!
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    Bluerealm - Done With My Armor....

    Really nicely detailed armor and paint job! Something about it makes it stick out and shows its glory.
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    Pics Of Fail!

    Trial and errors. It's funny though
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    Post Your Halo 3 Screenshots Here!

    Here are some photos that i took a long time ago that i still like today. (Apologize if some pics are big). Best in the album: Machinima Projects:
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    What Is The Easiest Playlist To Get To A 50? + Caught Boosters

    I would say Team Doubles. Buddy up with a friend you know who is decent at halo.
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    Podcast 3 - Making Marine Shoulders

    Its funny how you did all those activities in "10 minutes" lol.
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    Portal Gun - Molding Started!

    All i can say is that this is a masterpiece. Love the detailing on the on the gun and the lightings for it,too. Awesome work
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    Bungie To Give Recon During Valentines?

    I'd just wait till Halo 3 ODST comes out and unlock the vidmaster achievments. It's a 1 out of a million trying to get Recon on the Doubles Playlist for Valentines Day. I wish you guys luck though if you participate.