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    Props Desert Eagle Finished. Mp5 Finished.

    Cool, I was only stating that its possible to change it
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    Happy Thankgsiving (break)

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    Happy Thankgsiving (break)

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    If any one is interested in Harry Potter...

    I didnt like them too much
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    My current "goings on"

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    Streaming TV shows

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    Props Desert Eagle Finished. Mp5 Finished.

    Also on the M4/m16 The ring between the barrel and the main section of the gun is a bit too long and is too short
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    Props Desert Eagle Finished. Mp5 Finished.

    For the Record its an MP5SD
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    Left 4 Bed

    Hahahah lol thats so awesome
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    Billy Mays Dead

    I know I hate the shamwow guy... Shamwow guy in jaill This video made me lol though...dont watch if your under 13
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    Favorite Songs?

    The tempest - Pendulum Awesome song
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    Know Anything About Auto-Paint?

    I paint model helicopters using a tiny Testors airbrush powered by a disposable air cylinder... Thing is a pain in the butt to clean!!
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    New Tippmann Tpx Pistol Looks Like M6C?

    I can see the similarities. For paintball though I dont think I would get it. I dont feel like shelling out 200$ for a pistol. I'd rather save it for a better marker
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    Billy Mays Dead

    That would make my summmer