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    Southern Regiment Roster

    could someone please update me to Fort Mill, SC? thank you
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    MomoCon 2020 - Steve Downes-need i say more? Mike Colter AKA Agent Locke and Geoff Ramsay aka Grif will be present!

    I will be going with my mini spartans! can't wait to go and hopefully see the Southern Regiment family.
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    405th Merchandise

    Varsity jackets would be great. we can add patches to them and get our spartan id sowed on
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    Mesh's ODST BDU Mk2 (Camouflage MTP)

    Mesh if you could perhaps put a some foam on top of those knees pads to reference the shape of the ODST armor then you would be golden. :)
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    Important update

    Good Afternoon Soldiers, We need to do an emergency election for our regiment. As the current RCO for this regiment, I've been absent and I haven't nearly been as active as I hope. For that, I'm extremely sorry. My personal life has been busy and a lot of changes are happening which is taking...
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    Deployment Application

    Attention Soldiers, the 405th's Deployment Process has been rolled out to all members. If you have a completed costume, fulfill the requirements of having 90 days and 50 posts, and are 18 years old, you can fill out the Deployment Application Here...
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    Southern regiment patches

    LastLadySpartan nothing yet. I apologize on this. We're focusing on the Tier system and other updates that are going to be rolling out soon.
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    Southern regiment patches

    we will have to place the order in full so I'm working on that, hopefully in a few weeks we can have the order place. Once we do then we can start taking order. glad to have you part of the Southern Regiment.
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    DragonCon 2016 Parade

    FANGS are you taking lead on this? or should we have link4044 do this like last year? Either way, please add me plus one.
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    dragon*con parade for 2015

    link4044 do you think you could please create a new thread for the 2016 Parade? This way we can reference any one with questions to one place.
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    MEGA CON 2016 May 26-29

    I'll be there.
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    Southern Regiment Roster

    thank you for updating the list @AugmentedHuman013
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    Southern regiment patches

    foxleader not quite sure what you're trying to say. PM me.
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    Southern regiment patches

    Hello Everyone, I’m working with a company to create some Southern Regiment Patches, here is the image: I want to know who would be interested in getting some. The price would be $6-$7 each with shipping included. Same offer as our standard 405th Patches. Buy a set of 2 patches for...
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    Happy Thanksgiving to our American Members!

    Thank you, FANGS ! :) have a great weekend.