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    Props Spartan Laser Metal & Fiberglass Airsoft Prop (Fully Functioning Electronic Replica)

    Re: Spartan Laser Metal & Fiberglass Airsoft Prop (Fully Functioning Electronic Repli Congratulations on your Legendary and Elite build, I wish I had 1/10th amount of perseverence and talent you have. I really appreciate all the informative updates.
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    Aliens M41a Pulse Rifle ( inspired by Stealth )

    It looks great so far, keep up the great work, you're inspiring me to use plastic sign board!
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    Props Nerf Rayven Halo 4 AR

    Man, I can always count on you for an innovative NERF to Halo prop conversion. You are really talented, I'm so glad that you used a Rayven also, the Recon is just a pain to mod, and shoots super weak. Thanks again.
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    What should I 'attempt' to make a Halo 4 Assault Rifle from?

    I wouldn't recommend metal, unless you are very skilled working with metal. The cons are that it's very difficult to work with, very heavy, might be mistaken for a real weapon/ not allowed in conventions or parties, and paint chips off easier. I personally love working with plastic and wood...
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    BR85HB SR Battle Rifle (WIP)

    I think it's a Halo Reach thing. Isn't it?
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    BR85HB SR Battle Rifle (WIP)

    Dude, that gun is a true work of art, great job, I am super super jealous!
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    Halo 3 sniper rifle prop project

    Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it. I like your modded recon also WIFUZZY, I wonder how you did that scope mount. I would like to do something similar for when I do my Gears of War sniper prop. I am planning on making one out of a Nerf Longstrike. I am going to make the scope shell out of most...
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    BR85HB SR Battle Rifle (WIP)

    Wow, that is awesome work, I'm just wondering if you have painted it yet? I am eagerly waiting to see the paint job.
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    Borderlands 2 - Zer0, also Hello!

    Hey man, I'm glad that mask worked out for you, that sucks it's too small. I did a little more research and found that "chrome window tint" in automotive windows, might work for your project. I haven't worked with it before, to get it to form to the helmet, you have to use a heat gun or hair...
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    Halo 3 sniper rifle prop project

    Here are some pictures that I took this weekend. I forgot to take a picture of the "rangefinder" mod, but I haven't finished it anyways, so I will have to get that up later. I am still having problems with the magazine and how I'm going to finish that, but I did get the cocking mechanism...
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    Halo 3 sniper rifle prop project

    You're so right, lol, I have run into a snag on converting the "cocking" mechanism from the sliding grey chamber cover to just a working handle like in the game, but getting the internals to still work right is a pain. I think I have it figured out though, I just have to find the time to finish...
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    Props Nerf Halo Reach: Sniper Rifle

    It looks great man, I had the idea of using a Night Owl Night Vision Monocular (NOCX5) for a working night vision scope. The only downside is that it costs about $100 on Ebay and will require a little enginuity to make it all work. It doesn't have the display, but could be like the new Halo 4...
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    Props L05T V1K1N6 SRS99 Reach Sniper Rifle (with WIP pics)

    This is the best Halo Reach Sniper Rifle replica that I know of, hands down. I would say it is Elite Status worthy, but I am still a noob myself, so I don't really know.
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    Srs99D-S2 Am

    Awesome, thanks man! I discovered that the key words for that type of curtain rod is "reeded" or "fluted". I could have saved a lot of time dremmeling my barrel had I known that beforehand. :)
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    Srs99D-S2 Am

    Anytime about the vote! I have a couple questions though: 1. Why don't you update your first post to update your pics so we all can see them? 2. Where exactly did you buy that awesome barrel with the grooves in it? I know you mentioned it was a "fancy" curtain rod or something.