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    So let me get this straight. After all that's been said here, you had a respirator........but you didn't use it. o_O It's one thing if you don't have one (which is bad but still) but you had one and chose not to use it despite everything we've discussed here. Whew I'm feeling like my dad lol...
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    Spase Molded Helms

    Lol I see you've already put it on Ebay! Good work lol.
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    Lastspartan's Mk-vi Helmet

    Oh ok but still............
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    Fiberglassing is messy D:

    I used cloth. Its less messy.
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    Rocknrollcow's armor Progress

    Ummmm the back of the torso looks fine. But the front looks small.
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    Fiberglassing is messy D:

    You just have to live with it. With resin/fiberglass comes a mess. And yes it seems as though you are doing it right. Ummm check the resin/fiberglass sticky.
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    Lastspartan's Mk-vi Helmet

    What have you been doing? It looks exactly the same as it was 2 months ago!
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    Cardstock Sniper Rifle

    Looks good. I would like to see more pics though.
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    almost finished helmet *update*

    Looks good. I want to do the H3 model too.but on my H2 one i'm almost done sooooo I'll finish it, then maybe start on H3.
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    Spase Molded Helms

    That looks amazing. WOW! Can't wait to see it when its done. Lol I would buy it!!!!!
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    Phatjax's completed helmet

    Helmet looks awesome dude. Nice work!!!!!
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    Tutorial: Every Step from the beginning to the end!

    Well if you have Windows Movie Maker that's what i use. And usually al you have to do is take the memory card out of your camcorder and put it in the comp. Then click save files bla bla bla. Then go to WMM and open the file and wala!