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    405th Ladder! Sign Up Now!

    Gamertag: MasterGun 44 Game Variant: Team Slayer Sounds fun :)
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    Call of Duty 4 Song

    The CoD4 one is awesome
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    Portal Song - Still Alive

    Thats really cool, the song is so catchy
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    Will we ever find out what Halo Points are for?

    I think you get free action figures with the halo points, once you save up enough
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    Frontlines Fuel of War

    i rented it but the controls were very weird but its awesome that ur able to fly jets
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    Don't be fooled, there will be NO LEGO HALO game!

    I wouldnt like Halo as a Lego game but lego games are fun. :D
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    McFarlane Hunter Figure!!

    cool but i wish there was a picture
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    sweet looks very scary :D
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    ipod touch or zune

    get a zune but if u have the extra cash i say get a iphone
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    Dial up??

    When i got vista and dsl it was like a whole other world
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    Dial up??

    huh i had dial up and windows 98 almost a year ago :cry:
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    Morrowind + Oblivion

    Oblivion puts morrowind to SHAME!
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    NEW Kotobukiya Statue revealed!

    Looks awesome because of the bubble shield
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    Promo Site

    very cool :thumbsup:
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    It tis ze super bowl :cautious: