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    Help me help you!

    Sorry about that. I was looking for Master Chief or the ODST rookie, I keep forgeting how many there are out there. I just want to make it for the good old trick or treat time with my kids. And don't forget that I will make the same for the helping. Thanks Mat.
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    Help me help you!

    Hello all. I am looking for some help for my armor build. I am looking for some CAD files or 3D modles to make molds with my CNC router so I can theroform some armor to go trick or treating with my kids next haloween. If anyone can help me out it can be in your best interest to PM me.
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    Hello all. I have a 6 Ft.X10 Ft.former and I have benn looking for some CAD files to make my molds so I could make my armor to go trick or treating with my kids for the past 2 years. I need the help with the files, so who needs help with the armor?
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    Morphen's Odst Armor

    Looks goooood! How long did it take to make?
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    My Odst Pep

    looks good. How long did it take to get to that point?
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    Vacu Forming Help

    lexan is a little bit tricky. First you will need to put it in an oven @ 120 degrees for about 10 hours to get all of the moister out of it. Plexy is not fun to work with either. Modified acrylic would be the best bet for homemade formers.
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    3D Armor Blueprints

    It is a 6'x10' CNC table made by digital tool. It is an older router, but it gets the job done.
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    3D Armor Blueprints

    Hello all. I am new here and I was wondering where to find some really good 3D files so I can make my own armor. I was planing to use my CNC router to make the molds and my vacuum former to make it out of 0.40 abs plastic. If anyone could point me in the direction to get started I would...