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    Reach: An Lt Wip

    Man, You are great! Hope you finish all the armor, hehe See ya
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    Props If I Had A Super Weapon...

    WOA, BANSHEE! Cool man, keep doing it!
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    Introducing Myself

    Welcome Mate! Luck with your projects! Cheers from Brazil
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    My Project: Spartan Squad

    That's Awesome dude! Hope you finish all of then until September 14th, to win a Cookie from Project003, hehe Cheers from Brazil!
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    Yes, Another Iron Man..

    Awesome MR.Stark! Keep it up, hehe CHEERS FROM BRAZIL!
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    Jorge 052 Armor Build

    WOA, really cool man! Keep doing this!
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    A Few Questions For Scaling

    WOA, War machine, that's cool! I think yes, this picture should help you, but you can ask xTREME Tactics to see this more precisely The picture that I used to scale my MC helmet is now forbidden :( but I took it from one costume that one guy was selling on Ebay, hehe. Keep doing it man, I...
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    A Few Questions For Scaling

    Dude, follow this tutorial from Xtreme TACTICS 101, It helped me a lot with my helmet scaling process: Here it is = Also, A little thing that helped me is to read the Sticky topics, they are all really...
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    Has Anybody Used Steel?

    With steel, WOW, It should be really heavy man! Anyway Hope you make it! Good luck with your project ! Cheers From Brazil!!
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    My Reach/markvi Hybrid

    Oh man, that's really cool, keep doing this !!!!
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    Resining & Fibre Glassing Tutorial/How To

    Thanks man, you helped me a lot! Cheers from brazil
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    Helmet Help Please!

    Welcome man!
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    Paper Weights: Lb To Gsm Conversions

    Thanks man, This helped me A lot! Here in Brazil is everything in Centimeters and millimeters, so you helped me! Cheers from Brazil!
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    Helmet Help Please!

    Hello Friend! I'm new here in 405th, and I can't help you, but I know who can :D Here is the link for you can scale your armor.It's an tutorial made by Xtreme TACTICS 101 It's...
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    Armor Color

    Robby: Here in Brazil, we don't have department stores, with sections, we have paint-shops :lol So, I'll go to one of these and I'll see what color is better. The colors that I'll see are: Satin Oregano - Like Nintendude said; Olive Drab - Like Robby said...