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  • hey I was just checking out your build again and I'm curious how well did your voice amplifier work for you ?
    hola nuevamente quiero hacerte una pregunta , cual es tu estatura. y cual es la altura o escala que utilizaste en la pieza de la pantorrilla , te felicito nuevamente por tu magnifico trabajo esperare tu respuesta......
    felicidades por tu trabajo , es realmente impresionante , me ha gustado muchisimo, de tu trabajo he aprendido mucho lo que mas me gusto fue la visagra del torso, una idea magnifica , , espero ver el arma que vas a utilizar , sera la dmr?
    yo estoy en un 35 % de mi trabajo pero tengo tiempo hasta principio de febrero del 2012 que aqui se celebra los carnavales . en fin felicidades nuevamente
    hi were you find the halo reach chest part ive been looking to re do my armor i got to get the helmet done and the chest and the legs now and the feet to make it look real.
    another question,
    what did you use for the lighting on the lower back plate? with the light cord and stuff.
    Hello, I have a question.
    where did you get your files for your Mark V Halo C.E. build?
    I've been trying to find good quality files but I'm coming up dry :(
    Can you help me out?
    hey math101
    just wondering if roadwarrior replied back to you about the scaling of the l3x's torso piece. i'm gonna start mine soon and wanna know whats the best way of scaling it.

    Hey dunno if you saw it or not but i finally released the Mark V helmet in my thread, turned out pretty good!
    So, if i were to use that rondo method, would i even use the fiberglass cloth strips? or would it just be the bondo and resin inside? Last night we just finished the helmet! it looks epic!! And i picked up 2 gold hjc visors online, for like $28 a piece with free shipping, the place was located in my state too, so that turned out perfect!
    sorry bout all the comments, but looking to pick up some gold visors, what should i get? and where at?
    Also this is what we are doing, pep, resign outside, resing fiberglass inside, then i was told bondo, for smooting, then sanding, priming, spray painting, detailing spray painting, then all set.. then some how strap this to ourselves... Got any other tips to help quicken this project or useful things u picked up?
    Yea, man I love your suit! one of the best ones i have seen on the site!! Really nice!! I especialy like the led lights you used!! Baller!! Yea my brother and I are making Mark VI for halloween, we started it last week, so we are busting are butts trying to get it done, we already have biceps forearms done, and working on the right side bicep and forearm. The pep is that longest imo, but hey havent gotten to the next steps yet. How did you go about strapping all the armor to you?
    nvm bro, i looked through some of you old posts assuming that you would have posted your pics of your finished project some time or another, and i found it, Thank you!!! BTW your suit is epic!! I mean really really good!! have any tips I could use, because your suit is so prestine!
    Hey Matth, could i get a copy of the full size picture that you have of your current avatar, the one that your front facing, I am going to use it to help scale my build
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Found this site from a video on youtube of a MC costume running around Wal Mart. XD

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