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    Hier mal so meine Bauphasen vom Helm

    Ich mag dein Drachenlogo auf deiner Brust. Ist das dein eigenes Design? Also, tut mir leid, mein deutch bist nicht so gut
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    [Game] Where's DirtDives?

    That was a rough one
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    2nd Build: Spartan III

    Thanks! currently working on painting my left shoulder (operator) got the collar finished. I'm really excited for this whole build and with every piece I finish I just get more and more excited! If you did want to make the helmet, NerdForgeDesigns on Etsy is where I got his files for printing
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    2nd Build: Spartan III

    My dad is very tedious when it comes to his organization in his shop, and I don't blame him lol my work station at home is a cluster of materials, paints, and prints I appreciate it! I'm really shooting for a tier 3 build this go-around so I'm wanting it to be as close as I can get it! :)
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    2nd Build: Spartan III

    Big update. So to start, I'll just follow chronologically what I've done. First I was able to sew together the leg wraps that will cover my knees and give the back on my knees the proper look to the undersuit. I plan on wearing a body suit beneath everything and these will be sewn into place...
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    1st Build My custom 3D printed halo reach armor build journey (So Far)

    Those gasket pieces look so clean my man, keep up the amazing work on this entire build! excited to see all your hard work pay off!
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    2nd Build: Spartan III

    Helmet is completed, this model was made and sold by NerdForgeDesigns on etsy, just like the armor which I was able to source from CG Trader, although the Etsy files have more to them for the armor. Will be starting the waist today, then the forearms, the cod piece and butt plate will be the...
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    2nd Build: Spartan III

    Alright, Still in a pretty similar position as before, but we are still making headway. The suit is MOSTLY there, minus helmet, waist, and forearms. I'm pretty happy so far, everything is looking great! (just gotta shed some quarantine weight, but I'm sure I'm not the only one lol) The...
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    Colorado Photo Shoot (winter is coming)

    I 100% am still planning on getting the Colorado Mountain Reg folks together, but being that we are in a code red right now and all that fun jazz that comes along with it, scheduling an effective date for us is hard. We would definitely love to have any new faces come join us, and when things...
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    2nd Build: Spartan III

    Alright, mini update! I have printed the boots at 90% original scaling because the previous boots felt like clown shoes on me and I wasn't happy with it. I still plan on putting 2" wedges into the boots and have made plans to make a little wooden block for the shoes I bought from Arc. I also...
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    405th Infantry Division Emblem on armor This PDF guide breaks down the entirety of the ODST sticker placement, and colorway for the entire suit. The 405th is all about building YOUR character so you...
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    405th Infantry Division Emblem on armor

    I have the 405th mountain regiment sticker on my chest piece, and plan to continue to do so for as long as I have armor. With that; you are wearing an article of identification that represents our group as a whole. YOU are representing the 405th as a whole when you wear that armor and the...
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    2nd Build: Spartan III

    The first shin print has finished, and looks great, I'm very pleased with it! It's a little bigger than I thought it would be, but it came out nice and chonky and I love it. I'm working on getting the first boot cover printed out as well, and I'm looking forward to making some wedges in it! As...
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    405th Extra Life Streams 2020

    I'd love to join in for round 2! I'll be putting in a time off request for the 21st for sure!
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    2nd Build: Spartan III

    Chest piece has finished That is all for now :)