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  • Well i just finished a Mk V helmet and i found that its all lop sided. It made me a little upset cuz I worked for a while on it, I'm taking another swing at it do you have any tips on how to keep it from doin that?
    hey I saw ur reach build and I liked it im new so im lookin around for help if ur willing to giv me some pointers i would be willing to listen
    Hi there sir! I was wondering what file you used for your Reach armors forearm? I was really happy with the way it looked. Could I maybe get it??
    Thanks man, a lot. i havent been on in forever. between school and life ive had trouble finding time for my hobby. Your tips are great and i wil definetly use them. I got a buddy who wants to make a helm, i can helpo him but he wants an arctic camo look. Would this method work for that or just spray paint? Thanks again man. Great armour by the way.
    Hey Milky I am Backatcha Productions and i was wondering if you had any experience in painting a bondoed helmet any gloss colors i have a good idea and its my first build so i wanted to try something new. I was reading some other post and uh happy really, really belated b-day!
    Hey, another guy on here contacted me about getting a full Noble team together. He said he's working on a Carter build, but at the moment doesn't have anything to show for it so he won't be at Fan Expo. But since he's in Ontario he wants to get together at some point.

    Keep your eye out for anyone else who could help complete the group.
    Hello friend i would like to ask you, that way i can put photos more large screen, porquemis photos more than you want to continue to grow out tiny and that is not me like, i would like to see my photos so great as yours hope you can help me thanks in advance

    hola amigo me gustaria hacerte una pregunta , de que manera puedo colocar las fotos mas grandes en la pantalla , porque las mias por mas que quiera siguen saliendo pequeñitas y eso no me gusta , me gustaria ver mis fotos asi de grandes como las tuyas espero me puedas ayudar gracias de antemano
    hey Miky, i sent you a friend request on xbox if you were wondering who WakeJunkie was, it's me so i was just letting you know if i didn't tell you over xbox
    Hola! =)

    You probably don't remember me, but I'm the random kid that walked up to you in the dark in that tent at the Halo Reach: Control Defense Point in Toronto. Again, great armour. Maybe we'll meet again someday. =P Happy Halo-ing!
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