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  • Nice to see you're working on a Dutch ODST again. It'll be nice to compare techniques and theories with another ODST
    hey, as i see it this is what I am going to do, please correct me if I'm wrong

    1. Resin my helmet starting from the seams at the back moving upwards until the top is done, w8 until dried and then resin the rest (LIGHT COAT).
    2. if that coat is not sufficient to hold the fiber glass then another coat of resin (same procedure)
    3. Fiberglass the inside
    4. Prima the helmet
    5. Rondo any imperfections using a picture as point of reference.
    6. sanding
    7. prima again
    8. I alls good paint?
    Alright, thank you so much. And by white glue do you mean just elmer's glue? I just might stick with hot glue. I also have no clue on how to use pepakura, like how to print out each part correctly.
    Dude i just saw your stuff, and you are amazing. Like, im 13 man. Since i just started today, i'll probably get really good in the future. But i have like no clue on how to use pepakura, but i do have it and some halo armor files any advice?
    Hey John I just thought to ask you! Where did you get that mannekin head that you hold your ODST bucket on? I need one to display/ pep around my Jun helm tee hee :)
    Hey so I'm going to ask this question to all my friends, so don't worry about answering it in a timely manner. I am trying to make a Jun helmet (for some reason I fell in love with Jun, I SWORE I wouldn't make a Noble Team build...) Well the original measurements are 300 millimeters height, 250 width, and 337 depth, My first question is is this a reasonable measurement for a head my size, my statement is I measured the 22-24 inches around my "pumpkin" and that's ABOUT 600 Millimetres, SO I don't know how to scale the pep right and want to know if the helm would fit. I'm gonna copy and paste this too.
    it was WONDERFUL thank you for asking :) and i have been slowly pepping my left boot (ive got the toe finished). i just really need to sit my butt down and get on it haha.
    You should probably post visitor messages to me on MY page lol. That way I actually GET it. =] But thatz crazy man.
    hey! yeah its crazy over here, just 3 more days :O unfortunately i haven't had any time to work on my pepping with all the wedding preparations, im hoping to get back to it sunday or monday. thanks for checking in! hows your spartan laser coming along? that thing is going to be a beast :D
    Hey.... I restarted my helmet rofl. The smoothed one was too damn hard! Although, I got pretty far. The thingy that looks like the bowl is where I got. But it sucked. That's why I restarted.
    things are going pretty good. ive decided i wanted to switch from doing LD to HD so... haha i guess ill just be doing LD for sizing purposes. i did however print out the shoe piece in HD im hoping it fits. i saw all the little pieces and thought "what did i get myself into???" but progress goes on.. just slowly for now since the parents' wedding is 2 weeks away :/ oh and also i have all the materials to start resining/rondoing/bondoing its just a matter of getting the pieces pepped now :)
    Started my first Pep work today! It was exciting... although, it fell a little flat. I used normal xerox paper...... See for yourself.....

    Started out well... Ended.... well... er..... poorly.... The good news is that the Launching Pin is made perfectly! lol

    EDIT!!!! Where can I find a "Hi Def" Grenade? I know there are all sorts of cool things like that, and I want to try something a teeency bit more complicated. I think I actually did well on the grenade, for a first try ever. The only problem was that the material was too soft.
    Hey just stopping by to ask how the Recon build is going. I emailed you, had some important thoughts there. Just wondering about how you're going to do my helm. I watched those Ben Streeper vids on Rondoing and glassing and stuff, and now I understand what you mean when you say slosh it around and stuff. That is going to look sweeeeeeet. Please keep me posted, start the thread, email, whatever you can do.
    Sounds good. Do you have all you supplies? How do you want to do the inside? With the Mark VI I found rondo to be the easiest with the brim the shape it is. It's very hard to get in there with fiberglass.
    okay the visor is all glued in and the helmet is ready to go! also the left handplate and forearm SHOULD be done by tomorrow. ill e-mail you the pics to see if the sizing is okay if thats alright with you.
    It's best to do those after you get the foot wear your going to use. Then you can size the file to the boot or shoe your going to wear.
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I was an automechanic, then a welder, now in school for network administration.

Mar 7, 1972 (Age: 52)
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NOOB TIPNATURE... work smart not hard, test fit often, keep your bondo light, and double check your work often. It's harder to put back something you accidentally removed than to remove a little at a time.