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    Dmr- Wip

    You should find a machine shop and get some upper receivers and buttstocks manufactured. I would buy a kit from you.
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    Glitch? Security Arms

    I have them, lol but thats because i have all 1000 points, i had to have the katana. Um.... havent been here since halo 3 came out i tryed to make a new topic and it told me i didnt have permission. Did something change around here?
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    My Spartan Laser

    lol, well.......... as of now, it might be awhile before i work on it again. I got distracted workin on my helmet and now school has started back. But the major thing that is stopping me is halo 3.... I've been playin until my eyes bleed.
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    Ninja Saga Continues

    Bungie knows that ninjas are 1337. And that MC is a ninja for those of you who didnt know. The person i saw with that pic on only had 450 points. I cant seem to find out anything about this online. I have seen more pics of it tho with the armor generator program. I only need the...
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    The visor

    A motorcycle visor is $15 dollars at walmart, thats pretty cheap.
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    Fiberglass and resin at walmart?

    Walmart is fine. The resin kit is $14, a pack of fiberglass cloth is $4.50 and paint brushes are $1. Walmart is cheaper than the other places, ive checked. I suggest buying disposable paint brushes from Micheals or an art supply store for $0.30 each. You will only be able to use the brush once...
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    My Spartan Laser

    Does anyone have any spartan laser reference pics? I have some but there not that good.
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    Will motorcyle visor work for Pepa?

    Yes, it will. I made a pep helmet and i also purchased a mc visor. My scale was 25, but im sure it will fit regardless. Here is mine.
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    Oh Noes - I'm a REDHEAD!

    That paint job is really nice. I've notice too that a good paint job can make a decent helmet look great.
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    ODST Armor from Halo: Combat Part 1

    Dont know if they have been posted already but i though you guys would like them.
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    One of the Best Armors Out there

    Wow, like everyone else said it has some strange parts, but it does look great.
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    Finished Pep Helmet

    I knew of it but i forgot to get it the last time i was at walmart. I wish i would have had some, it would have made it awhole lot easier.
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    TwistedCory's Pep Armor Progress Thread

    Looking back on my pep helmet i wish i would have put on two coats of resin. Watch where you place it to dry because it can get bent out of shape. I did one coat of resin, 3 coats of fiberglass, and a coat of bondo. Bondo is annoying you really only get like 4 mins before it hardens, but it is...
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    Finished Pep Helmet

    I used bondo body filler, it is so annoying. You only have like 4 mins to get the stuff on there decently smooth then you have to sand it the rest of the way. I had to do some areas twice. But i sanded for like 3 hours and then i just really gave up. The helmet isnt completely smooth like it...
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    Finished Pep Helmet

    I did one coat of resin on the cardstock, then i did 3 coats of fiberglass cloth on top of that, then bondo body filler for the top layer to make it smooth.