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  • Oh, the smoothing was done by someone else. This looks like it was done in a modeling program which I have no clue how to do. But I make the pep files I unfold as smooth looking as possible by adjusting the threshold in 'other settings' mind you, you have to purchase a key in order to save stuff like this.
    I currently don't have the fundage for materials, nor the space or time. I got lucky and got the 2 recons done. That's gonna be it for my armor building for a while. I honestly like helping the community out more than building.
    Oh no reason. Just wanted to know for some reason because I'm still playin the campaign cause my friends say it's good.
    I'm not able to do anything cause my freaking school schedule and tutoring is starting to piss me off. Hey but I like a challenge! Lol :D by the way I will have to check out your reconz
    Aren't the two like the same? if you want to watch more of his vids just got o the right where it says xcon busy night and then just click the arrows to go down. I think you should use either one.
    hey wassup

    easy men.. in a thread or blog... you need the link direct of the image example "http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p46/carpathiavh99/DSC04173.jpg?t=1280544248" that is the link for only a pic.. in the edit box of txt.. in the toolbar there's like a little tree if you put the cursor says "insert image",, now you only put the link of the picture!

    in the case that you wanna put a img from you pc.. first you need to upload the pics on a image server, like imageshack.us, photobucket, etc.. and that sites give you a link for those pics on your Pc
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