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    Reach: Skirmisher Build

    Little bit of progress on the Skirmisher... I've decided to have an actual eye instead of just something sculpted. This is just a temp eye though. I'll be going through the process of molding, casting, painting, and sealing to make a real looking pair of eyes.
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    Hi there! I guess we've been paired up in the mentoring program. Let me know if you have any...

    Hi there! I guess we've been paired up in the mentoring program. Let me know if you have any questions about anything.
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    Reach: Skirmisher Build

    Just to clear up any further confusion, I'm female. And I am baseing my build on this:
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    Reach: Skirmisher Build

    It's been a productive day! Decided to get two of the leg pieces for the stilts cut out and shaped. They are cut from 6mm sintra, shaped with a heat gun to my leg. I also got some more sculpting on the head done and I'm playing around with textures now.
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    Reach: Skirmisher Build

    Long time no see 405th! My next build is the Skirmisher. I started out by modeling the head, then peping it. The 'beak' was a bit too long, so I cut out some paper and shortened it. I'm currently sculpting the details on the head. Which will in turn be molded and cast in latex. The same...
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    405th Mentor Programme 2.0

    I think my mentee died... He stopped messageing me months ago. If possible, I'll take another. I've got a few new skills to add to the list that I can help with, including sculpting, casting latex masks and general latex work, and working with foam sheets for armor.
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    Otaku House Cosplay Idol Finals (Need your vote!)

    Hello fellow 405thers, I've been gone from the forums for a while, but I return asking for your aid. Just today, the finals for the Otaku House Cosplay Idol have begin and I'm in the top 40 out of 1600. I made it to the finals with my Silent Hill Lurker cosplay. I entered my 7 from the movie...
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    Mass Effect 2

    My brother (Zukazan) and I just had a photoshoot with our ME2 outfits. They were made using a combination of pepakura, cloth, and foam. The full photoshoot is available on our DA page:
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    Rank Cap Lifted: We go crazy now

    Damn. I'd love to see some of the new stuff. But that will have to wait. Downloaded the latest update last night and got a red ring just ten min later. Beware the update!
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    How many projects have you done?

    I've been doing costuming for about 2-3 years. Finished: Sheik | Super Smash Brothers MKVI | Halo 3 Lurker | Silent Hill Homecoming 7 | 9 (the stitchpunk movie) WIP: Kat | Reach Tal'i | Mass Effect 2 Miranda | Legend of the Dragoon
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    405th noob attempt

    I know that armor at the top of the listing. Seen it at A-kon 3 years ago. I've always wondered who it was. Wonder when the seller found the time to come to Texas... Oh wait. It's easier to pull it off the net. Nevermind. I'd know that armor anywhere. Seeing it in person was one of the reasons I...
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    Reach ending scene/credits/etc. discussion *MAJOR SPOILERS*

    I can concur with several people in this thread. I wanted a bit more, at least to have a special video after the credits or something. The easter egg in The Package helped make up for it a bit though. Sad there was not mention of us....
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    Ithica going back to Iraq

    It was good seeing you Reach's launch night! When I heard that some other spartans were coming, I knew it was you and Brit. It's been too long. Have a safe flight and keep your head down. Good luck in finding supplies over there. I'm interested in seeing what pieces you come back with.
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    Reach for the ladies!

    Thanks so much for releasing these pep files and models! I've been looking for another build to start on after finishing and wearing my MK VI for a year. It really hit me last night during the Reach Launch that people will actually know that I'm female in this armor! Don't get me wrong,I like it...
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    So we're partners now. How can I help you?

    So we're partners now. How can I help you?