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    Not really new recruit, but returning recruit. Working on a movie!

    So my friend and I want to get more serious in our film making, and we ended up writing a script based in the Halo universe. So I've started progress on my first complete build! I decided to go with MK VI for ease, but commence pic dump! I took some progress pics for my friend who I'm doing...
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    Where To Buy Halo Armor And Weapons

    If I'm not mistaken (I haven't reached this point yet) after an amount of posts there is a forum for classifieds. So keep posting, and keep in touch with other members, and the forum shall open up for you. They're smart, and don't let just anyone buy armor. You have to be an actual member of the...
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    Got Some Questions

    Can't, as far as I know. Just disregard it for now.
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    Question About The Back Of Body Pieces.

    Okay. Thanks. Whose HD model would be the easiest build without losing too much detail?
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    Super-Cheap And Easy Vac Former

    Well, we are costumers. Fiberglass and bondo the inside of the bucket. XD
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    Question About The Back Of Body Pieces.

    Damn. I was hoping not to have to cut and glue all those pieces. Oh well. Any shortcuts that I can take?
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    Question About The Back Of Body Pieces.

    Okay. So I'm not a complete noob when it comes to making armor, but I'm also not an expert. I was wondering if the back of all armor body pieces are the same? Is it just the back of the MK VI body piece? Are there any models for just the back, or do I need to build the MK VI body to get the back...
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    How To Measure Out An Ounce Of Resin

    I used the tub that I put my resin in (which is the top to the can of resin) and poured in an 8th of a cup of water (1 ounce) and marked it with a marker on the outside, then two ounces, and so forth.
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    Iron Man - Glowing Eyes Idea

    Actually, if you angle the LED's right you will only get some of the light. I made glasses with like 10 LED's in each lens and they were angled to the point where i could barely tell they were there.
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    I'm planning on putting together a couple of marine suits for two of my friends and I
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    same here. Even though I've lived in the area for like 3 years now. I just haven't had the time.
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    Ok. I was just wondering who all here is planning on going to Penny Arcade Expo this year. I'm going. Who else?
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    Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster.

    cool. If I see an ODST I'll know it is an angry_cabbage =D
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    Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster.

    Ok, so I've decided to say screw it on recon, I want to go as a marine, and if I get recon done in time, i'll go as that instead.
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    Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster.

    Thanks. The thing I love most about the 405th, everyone is so welcoming =D