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    Halo: Gold Chronicles Project Mark VII

    HEY!! i saw this on BNet before i read this thread. i'm so excited right now haha. Beautiful concept piece man.
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    Microsoft pays homage to Halo

    Totally going :) i'm lucky lol it's a one hour ferry ride and a twenty minute walk from there.
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    My Attempt at Halo reach Carter build

    hahaha dude at the gas station probably texted his buddy "alright man you wouldn't believe who i just sold some cheetos to.." The armor looks gorgeous man well done.
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    Ultimate Videogame Argument: Mc Vs. Solid Snake

    A good point, but this argument is not over "what if's"
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    Ultimate Videogame Argument: Mc Vs. Solid Snake

    I've heard the argument a thousand times: Who would win in a combat scenario? Master Chief or Solid Snake. Yes, I've already taken my side in the argument. A 1000lb hunk of super-trained metal versus a super spy/assassin? It seems pretty clear to me.. However I'd like for the 405th to...
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    Reach Elite Firing His Lazer Sho Da Woop

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    Tsabo's Odst Helmet

    its a nice first attempt, tsabo! good luck with the scout
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    Weta Odst Helmet Progress

    you can't go wrong with good old resin and bondo for hardening. good lookin bucket btw :)
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    Ender's New Mk Vi

    the pep on the busa helm looks fantastic!
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    Easy Odst Files

    here is smilie120's Med Def version of rundown's helm. It's about as simple as you can get while still lookin great and game-accurate
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    A (Long) Christmas Story

    way to go adam :) . i actually got to participate in a food drive for the homeless on christmas morning in seattle. it was a great experience. happy holidays!
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    First Ever Completed Pepakura Mk Iv Suit!

    your helmet looks fantastic man
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    I. Want. That. Gadget. Badly!

    great creeper tool! it looks perfect for peeping around corners lol
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    We Are Now A "division"!

    hot damn we are good!
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    Schaeden's Odst Build Thread

    its crazy that it was your first helm. you are good sir. oh and the shin pep looks great