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    J326 Spartan 3 Build

    Nice job, you are making great progress. Can't wait to see it finished.
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    Reach Wip

    Nice start, keep going!
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    My First Pep, Iron Man

    Very nice job, cant wait to see your progress!
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    Vegas Vader's Db V2 Iron Man Helmet Casts

    Nice work and great series pics. Thanks for sharing this.
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    "ultimates" Ultimate Ironman

    Very cool concept, cant wait to see it come to life
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    Another Ironman Project

    Damn trolls. This is a big loss to the community. We could have learned a lot from Finhead. Best wishes to ya buddy. Hope to hear from you again.
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    Another Ironman Project

    Nicejob! I'm at the bondo stage of my helmet and this is inspiration for me to go on.
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    Hopefully Ready For Molding

    For something the size of a helmet the starter pack wont be enough for the rubber. You might get by on the resin but it would be a single helmet. I'd get a gallon of each. Hope this helps
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    Noble Six Helmet Wip

    This is a fantastic job. I love the way you were creative and used the pep to mold the clay and work from that, very cool idea. It looks really great, keep it up!
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    Moulded Kevlar

    I'm a troll, ya right. Just because I've been working with composites for 20 years and am trying to stop someone from doing something dangerous and unnecessary. Whatever.
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    Moulded Kevlar

    Ok, lemme throw you a bone. So you are looking to build the coolest armor (in your opinion) you can. Fair enough I think everyone on this site is trying to do just that. You and your buds got some bank and can afford to spend a few thou each on these, that's respectable. You decide to use...
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    Moulded Kevlar

    Well, best of luck to you. Please post a WIP as I know many of us will be really interested in this build.
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    Moulded Kevlar

    Please be aware a single layer (it's called a "ply") of kevlar won't provide much strength. All composite layup, regarless of material, use many plys to give the final product it's structural properties. Marine or aviation products can take thousands of plys.
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    Moulded Kevlar

    So I'm glad you answered that. the question now is "Why?" That's pretty much how commercial helmets are made so it's completely do-able.
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    Moulded Kevlar

    Here, read this: http://carbonfiberhe...m/important.php Partucularly the last sentence of the 2nd paragraph. "Resin really has no strength in comparison to the fiber. So you need to control the resin content to a minimum versus fiber. Basically the resin is there to keep the fibers in...