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    War machine wip. Rancid

    He already said that since he said, 'I may do a smaller one later but i just want to get something done' which acknowledges this. You really should read the whole thread before commenting, especially criticism.
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    Ironman mark 42 build.

    Good to see you are making progress! Love the details! We move in a few weeks so once that happens, i will be spamming your inbox :P Great work!
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    Halo ODST Hunter Cosplay

    This IS AWESOME!!!! Keep up the good work!
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    Halo 3 spartan build ODST helmet (WIP)

    I have heard of people sealing the cardstock before they resin which helps diminish the warping. Also using supports like dowel rods, chop sticks, and tubes made of paper for larger areas. In the end, it isn't a huge deal because you can fix it when you bondo (just a bit more to fill and sand)
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    Carbon Fibre MC

    I am a bit confused as to what you are planning on doing with it? There are generally 2 ways to build armor, pep/resin/bondo method or foam/plastidip/paint method. This is too general of a comment. You should read through the forum guidelines and then read through the stickies... or you should...
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    What about an actual 405th Wiki?

    This needs to happen... then you could have everything in one easy to search place with pictures, step by step details... etc. If there is more than 1 way, then you can include all the different methods, etc. For example, glue... list out glues that are used and the pros and cons of each so...
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    Nex Gen Decisions

    In all honesty, i never upgraded the first time. i still have a good old fashioned xbox and an N64. I do a lot of PC gaming and I really think that is the way to go. It's cheaper. <--sry I know the console vs. pc is a sore topic for some. I just can't bring myself to spend 1k in console and...
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    Halo 4 Master chief 1st foam build

    Charlie117, you really should not necro post.
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    Aztlan's Halo 4 Rogue + Binary Rifle + M6H + Exo-suit WIP, PIC HEAVY!

    This needs to be elite! (exceptions should be made for the exceptional plus you DID finish you knife so it counts) NICE work! This is one of my fav threads :)
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    War machine wip. Rancid

    Yay! Update! Hope you didn't get hit with that freak sleet storm yesterday (and of course Virginia is bi polar to today is 60 degrees) :/ Can't wait to see this complete! :)
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    glasscutter Mark V build (Fiberglass/Aqua-Resin)

    thanks for the tip, I probably would have done just that and had an angle in my elbows when making this (it is just a natural way to hold arms I think) Yay for people saving us time and duct tape! :D
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    Props Kings AIE-486 H Machine Gun WIP

    Very nice work, looks great! :)
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    Searching for German members to share experience and work together

    I have a very good friend that is working as an au pair here in the states, they LARP with me but I would not be surprised if they would be interested in suit construction. I will show this and see what they say :)
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    Favorite helmet?

    I like the Mark VI. I find the Halo 4 version interesting since they changed the cod piece. Really details, more lighting, still keeping with the master chief tradition though.
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    Corvo Attano Cosplay HELP

    Did you think of trying wonderflex?