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    Sharkhead-Nobody War Machine Helmet

    This is the most accurate war machine helmet pep available and the one I'll be using. Thanks man, great work! If you feel like tackling any of the other costume parts...please do!
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    War Machine Armor

    I would use a small motorcycle battery for the majority of the electronics. There's a lot of cheap 12 volt lighting and audio that can be used with it and 12 volt power can easily be stepped down for lower voltage applications. As for a 110 volt rated fan motor, use a small 300 watt inverter.
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    101% War Machine Helmet

    I'm building an eye lighting rig for your model using a plastic two-way mirror and cut to shape electroluminescent sheet. If you want to try it yourself, here's the PDO. Don't forget to pick up an inverter! It installs like theory. HAVE FUN! Mr.
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    War Machine Armor

    Hey, I've been lurking around here for a month or so and keeping an eye on everyone's progress...nice work! I have been slowly altering the model files for closer movie accuracy. I'm uploading a separated abdomen and lower back sections in obj format. The models aren't fully complete...missing...