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    Limited Time Offer: Messiah Studio for $10 (normally $499)

    Woohoo! We made it! If you were on the fence before, this is your last chance to jump on this deal. According to their site, you have 23 hours and 42 minutes from this posting before they close out this deal.
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    Limited Time Offer: Messiah Studio for $10 (normally $499)

    Sweet! We're like, 80% there now! I didn't mention it before, but I put in for the Pro version as well.
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    Limited Time Offer: Messiah Studio for $10 (normally $499) Although not necessarily 3D Modeling per se, this company is doing an amazing viral promotion where they are selling their base animation and rendering package for just $10 (normally $499). Their pro version is going for $40 (normally $1195). If...
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    Mroreo123's Halo Reach / Frankenstein Wip

    Please vote for me! I entered a costume contest this past Halloween, and apparently they're still tallying votes: EDIT: I just found out they randomize the photo that the link...
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    My first project - Mk VI helmet

    Nice work Pupcup! What's next on your agenda after the helmet?
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    - Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

    After two years, I can FINALLY post in this thread! Woohoo!
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    Your 2010 Halloween Costume pics!

    Here's my version of Noble 6. Even though I was at a convention, technically it was Halloween, hehe.
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    Mroreo123's Halo Reach / Frankenstein Wip

    Maybe... ;) If he was, I didn't see him. She was the only one I saw, or I probably would've knocked over little children to get a pic with the whole group, lol.
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    New to the show!

    Welcome to the forums, Cujo! The methods used here evolve all the time as we experiment with different processes, so there's no one right way to do things around here. There's the classic resin/fiberglass/bondo method, mudglassing, rondo, smooth casting, and now the new foam method that Timecon...
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    Visor Troubles - Please Help!

    Hey Pupcup. Have you tried calling around at local motorcycle shops? That's what I did when I got my helmet visors. If you live anywhere near Lomita, try Cycle Gear where I got mine. Talk to Jay, the manager. Bring your completed helmet with you and ask to try out the replacement visors in it...
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    Mroreo123's Halo Reach / Frankenstein Wip

    I don't have any plans to redo the chest anytime soon, but if I do, it'd mostly be to redo the rib area and back. The rib area because I'd like it to be more vertical and follow my ribs better. I can't lower my arms straight down now because it angles out and sticks out too much. As it is now, I...
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    Mroreo123's Halo Reach / Frankenstein Wip

    Thanks! I'm just glad I finished it with enough time to fine tune the fit. There's still a few places that need adjustment/dremeling/strapping/padding to really make it comfortable. Mostly around the knees and ankles. Thanks, James! How did yours come out? If I remember right, you wanted to...
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    Mroreo123's Halo Reach / Frankenstein Wip

    Done! Click on the thumbnails to see full size. Final parts: MkV(B) helmet plus UA mod (removed due to making it front-heavy) base Reach shoulders w/ Gungnir and ODST shoulders modified Reach chest plus Tactical/LRP permutations Reach forearms MkVI hand plates Halo Wars cod MkVI...
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    Long Beach Comic Con on Halloween Weekend

    Yeah, it's at the convention center.
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    Long Beach Comic Con on Halloween Weekend

    I saw your ODST from the Hall of Honor thread. Nice work! Is that from the Sean Bradley kit or from pep? What damage did you get from trooping around in it? I've never been to a con, so I'd like to do what I can to "con-proof" my Noble 6.