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    Mountain Regiment Roster

    Roger that!!! Ill keep you all posted :-)
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    Mountain Regiment Roster

    Hey everyone! Name is Josh, or some people call me M here on the forums due to not being able to pronounce my forum name lol I live in Las Vegas, NV. I have not been super active on the forums for the past year but I'm hoping to change that. Currently dont have any halo suits finished due to...
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    DragonCon 2016 Parade

    it was great meeting everyone who was at dragoncon :-) hope everyone had as much fun as me!
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    DragonCon 2016 Parade

    Righteous! lets do this everyone!! Woot!! Thans @fangz for all the hard work and keeping us posted on everything. and also thanks to everyone else for contributing to this awesome community :-)
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    DragonCon - 405th Deployment Photos, Photo/Videoshoot [2016]

    awesome ill just show up pre parade!! :-)
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    Duke's Custom Reach Suit Pep +photos!! *COMPLETE*

    Re: Duke's Custom Reach Suit with Bruteshot (with Step by Step) +photos!! So far liking the build :-)
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    vshore100's TFA X-Wing Pilot Helmet

    Righteous buddy, good to see it finished :-)
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    DragonCon 2016 Parade

    Hey everyone, been a while since ive posted. I am actually going to dragon con this year and would love to participate in the march. is there anything i need to do other than tell you on this thread?? message me if needed. :-) Thanks!! Also i will most likely have a handler :-) Thanks
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    LilTyrant's HALO 4 ARMOR + Undersuit - **WIP**

    There isnt much i can say that others have not. So ill just say its good to see you back. And im glad that life is going good for you. :-)
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    Chaos Knight (worbla)

    wow, thats actually pretty good :-) Keep up the great work!
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    Padding Armor

    hey i follow you on youtube lol I love your videos :-) friends request incoming!
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    Chaos Knight (worbla)

    Can you move in that thing?? looking great buddy!
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    SW ep7 snow trooper

    You are correct, it only shows on the pc. I checked via mobile. No worries, wasnt tryong to harp on you, just was letting you know. Sorry i dont have an answer to your problem. Best of luck to you. :)
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    SW ep7 snow trooper

    Check under his name. He is currently banned. Try to also look at the date of the last post before you post. You dont want to get into trouble for Necro posting. :-)
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    Quick 7-day Iron Man Mk.42 helmet build

    Looking great! what gold did you use for the paint? or did i miss where you said that??