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    Spartan Enhancements Begin

    Wow. So, uh, when can I get some of this stuff? :p
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    Halo 3 Action Figs by McFarlane

    Sweet! Hopefully, they'll make a customizable version that you can piece together just like your MP model. Pimptacular!
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    Guess what comes out tomorrow?

    Ditto. I need to know if they're worth buying. Plus, I'd have to paint mine a different colour.
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    Yes. This is very upsetting to hear. A parent should never lay a hand (or anything else) on their child out of anger. I remember when my dad took me by the throat and smashed me down on a table or the time he kicked me out of the house for working on my 68's brakelines by myself. That all...
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    Deaths in Halo 3

    Fixed. :D Johnson's was very surprising.
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    Why Geeks > Jocks

    Wow. Good conclusion. I may look like the flashy guy. You know? With the cars, job, and looks, but I'm truthfully a geek. I always have been and always will be. BTW, nice to see you back, adren.
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    Halo 3's Arbiter

    I agree. The Arbiter was found to be very useful, imho. He would crouch, go stealth and camo alike, and give surpressive fire when fighting brutes. Bungie really overhauled the AI aspect of the game. It's just too bad that the game wasn't long enough. I don't about you, but I can't enough...
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    Contact Harvest

    Good question. Supposedly, there is going to be a signed copy given away for the Bungie Podcast. I think lukems and sketch were just shooting the shiat, though.
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    Official - Bungie Leaves Microsoft
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    This Just in

    LMFAO!! True. I just made that years ago in my non-XBL modding phase.
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    This Just in

    I'm stumped of where he got it. I've not had it up for awhile. Fortunately, I have all my original frames left. Just very interesting.
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    This Just in

    OMG! Where did you find my avatar? LMFAO!!! Can't believe someone else would want to use it!
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    Halo for the DS ANNOUNCED

    That is crazy! Simply, amazing.
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    Official Halo 3 DLC Thread Please post your LEGIT DLC (Downloadable Content) thoughts, wishes, and dreams on this forum. Seems like Bungie wants some feedback from their community! :D
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    Possible MKIV ?

    You got it right. The would-be Mark V.