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    1st Attempt at ODST WETA Helmet (Pic Heavy)

    I don't know if anyone notices but he somewhat looks like the guy from the live action ODST trailer when he's in-between teenager and grown-up. Anyone agree? Ha -Napthali-
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    Iron Baby

    That was amazing
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    Weta Accurate Odst

    That is the best build using cardboard that I have ever seen. Great job man.
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    Props Reach Nerf Assault Rifle -- Wip

    This is awesome, you're doing great work.
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    Big Daddy Doll

    yet again, nice work sir. Your work amazes me
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    Thorssoli's MkVI Costume Buildup

    Looks really good man, I especially like your setup in your shop/boat!
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    300 Prop Replicas!

    Just want to note, since for some reason a member reported me haha, none of these are mine. They are pictures for examples in order for me to show what each finished product will look like. I do not make any licensed products, nor do I claim any of these works are mine. Thanks, -Napthali-
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    New Odst Controller

    I wanted to order the special edition about a week ago and they wouldn't allow it, so I just got the normal version. Frownie face! -Napthali-
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    I Don't Know About This Business:

    Has anyone heard of these yet? I just saw a commercial for these. What do you all think of this? I think it's a pretty bad idea to invest in that haha. -Napthali-
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    Ps3 Home Maybe?

    Hey 405th Members! I was wondering who all here plays on Playstation Home! Hoping we could trade info and everything about unlockables, secrets, etc. because they keep all the info so hush hush haha. -Napthali-
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    Weta Odst Helmet, *beware 56K Users!*

    Dude that is gorgeous. Great work!
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    Bluerealm - Done With My Armor....

    This is some of my favorite armor. Inspiration you know what I'm sayin?
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    Odst Live Action Trailer

    I loved that. That is badass. Excuse my french.
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    Odst Smg!

    Very nice work man. That looks great. I have said it once and I will say it again, I will never be this talented with paper! -Napthali-
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    Zombieland Looks Awesome!

    Left 4 Dead! Woot sprinting zombies! -Napthali-