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  • Heeeyyyy guys. So if you're reading this, you obviously know what I'm here for... files, files, oh the glorious files!!! I'm finishing a project for my cousin who LOVES Bleach and am trying to get started on another for my brother. He's 12 and is dissing himself as he watches my typing (or attempt to type...WTF?!?!?!?!). He would like to see a build of a little-ass/big-ass model of a Pelican, specifically from Halo 1. Unfortunately the Blender program won't work right now :( ... so who's got a thread?!?!?!?!?! :D Thanks.
    Yay, I'm almost done resining! I would have been done a while ago, but I got sick (blood noses, coughing up blood, swollen throat, etc etc.). I'll post pics in a while.
    Yeah, I hear ya. i've already finished the chest a while ago and decided to make some weapons based on Deliver Hope.
    That would be awesome! We should definitely go to some cons. I'm ALMOST done pepping, all I need to finish are the cod today and then get started on the chest. :)
    Cool! Like I told Mustard Chef, I want to plan to go to some Cons.

    Like, one con we go to is in ohio, one in Pennsylvania, one where you live, one where our Carter lives, and San Diego Comic Con!

    We will look so freakin cool!
    Hell yeah!!!!! We should definitely team up! that would be so BAD ASS! I'm almost done with the armor. I'll be posting progress pictures soon. :)
    Wow I cant Beleive your a 13 year old armor builder thats pretty sweet. yeah i beleive Rhinocs 13 too and im 14 and we should definately team up.

    Im currently building Jorge

    My freind is building Emle

    Your building Kat

    Rhinocs building Noble Six

    And thats 4 out of six!
    Yeah it would be super cool if we made a good noble team... team!
    Ill post some pics as soon as i figuere out how on my thread which is easily located here:

    I hear ya! Barely anyone at my school plays halo, defiantly wouldnt make armor from it anyway.

    And I still need to find a GIRL FOR MY NOBLE TEAM BUILD!!!! That is probably the hardest part of this... :p lol

    Good luck on your build, and if you need anything just holler!
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