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    Painting Technique - Version 2

    When I make my armor I'll probably use this technique, except a bit different 'cause my armor will be black. thanks for the vid Adam!
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    It is done. Time to manufacture 5 million copies

    Can't wait! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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    Halo 3 Finish The Whopper? *WTF* With Ads.

    I'm gonna get myself some GameFuel!
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    Start of my AR

    Looks good! where'd you get that material?
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    A problem with modding an airsoft gun is the positioning of the barrel and the magazine. ^^ this is a normal shotgun, the magazine is on the bottom and the barrel is on the top ^^ this is a Halo shotgun, the magazine is on the top and the barrel is under it.