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  • Thanks for all the kind words. :D

    But I don't deserve all the credit,
    All I do is Clean up the model, Make some modifications and then unfold it. :p

    You can look foreword to several more Ships soon.

    I realized that I made the frigate in A4 paper format ... "oops" :(. We use Letter format here in the US........

    I updated the download and it will now include both Letter & A4 format.:)

    If you started building the frigate i posted, it will come out at a slightly smaller scale than intended.:(

    I am very Sorry for all the trouble :(
    I hope this doesn't ruin your project.
    I feel terrible:(

    Its not quite time for the Awesome-Sauce to begin flowing, I am still working and hope to be finished unfolding the (FRIGATE) LATER THIS WEEK. But hey all good things are worth waiting for right?

    Here are some photos to drool over while you are waiting.

    nate98 my friend plays reach.i think his gamer tag is ''Birthdayboy'',i think.just in case i will ask him next week.reply when u read this

    hey nate a while back you posted on my thread about the HALO "SHIPS"

    I FOUND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So far i have located these files

    UNSC Frigate
    UNSC Marathon-class Cruiser
    UNSC Halcyon-class Cruiser
    UNSC Orbital defense MAC cannon
    UNSC Longsword interceptor
    UNSC Assault Pelican
    UNSC Pelican
    UNSC Bumblebee-class life pod

    COVENANT Cruiser
    COVENANT Corvette
    COVENANT Carrier
    COVENANT Seraph

    yeah school was driving me nuts, especially second period!I was so tired of writing this essay that i was starting to think that this essay really sucks!And yes it really does now .But i was lucky enough to finish before second period ended!So ayways how are u doing so far?
    ya i just have till wait till after school i get out today at 1245 cause short day uggggghhhhh im freaking foaming at the mouth thinking bouyt it!
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